Wednesday, October 27, 2010

mama salah didik ke rafiq ?

 yup, lil hero's in skool now
skool apa for babies ni?
ke nursery?
nope, its a montessori
the youngest student is at least 2 years old
and now, rafiq's the youngest

mesti nanti ada nak cakap
aik, xkerja xnak jaga anak ke?
hantar sekolah pulak....malas lah tu...

rafiq, ur older now
u used to be a friendly baby when u were younger
now, whenever u other people's around,u shy away, sorok muka kt stroller bila org tegur....
rafiq marah org pegang rafiq
rafiq xnak share toys with other babies
rafiq xnak org lain dekat dgn mama ( dekat dgn papa xpe, jgn mama )
and rafiq only wants to play with mama, esp when ur not at home
another thing is, rafiq want other people's bila rafiq pgg, org tu xboleh main sama.

mesti nanti org cakap mama ni xpandai didik anak
bukan main lagi bacakan buku how to behave kat rafiq
eleh, sama je perangai

ye ke ada org cakap?
hahahaha....mama dun care lah rafiq

rafiq memang behave...
rafiq ckp " acheh " when i give him his milky, he kisses me when u want to sleep and when u open ur eyes, u puts back ur toys when its time to sleep ( he kemas org punya toys jugak haha ), when mama said ...aaaa noo... rafiq pun geleng2 n tunjuk jari no no kdg2 buat jugak.

tapi maybe rafiq kena learn how to behave with other people besides mama and papa
i know u want more friends kan?
mama tengok if pg rumah other friends, lama2 rafiq suka, main kejar2 dgn abg danish....main baca buku dgn mikhail kan?
mama tau, rafiq nak kawan, tp rafiq xpandai nak initiate betul x?..
baby pg skool ok? skool ni bukan mcm kat kl, ada playgroups mama boleh join.....
so rafiq kenalah duduk sdri 3 jam...
boleh kan? baby strong kan? nnti balik cerita dgn mama n papa rafiq buat apa ok?
best lah sayang, theres music class, phonics class,arts, outdoor activities ... best kan ? ada friends lagi best kan?

pause jap

nak mengeluh panjang

but i shouldnt


he cant be this big already???

next thing u know, he'll be having a girl over for lunch


the first day i sent him, he immediately went to join the sand box activities with the bigger toddlers
i ckp bye...he ignored me...
the teacher asked me to leave cepat2...nnti dia nangis, let him get used to being with the group...oklah...i pun jalan slow2

teacher said he didnt cry...

but i did

i cried on the way to the car, i cried at the parking lot...i cried, i couldnt drive...i just sat there at the side of the road crying.waited a few mins, maybe nnti teacher call ckp dia nangis teruk, so i nk dtg pick him up
nope, no call


went to starbucks, ingatkan waaaaahhhhhhh bestnyeeeee xde si kecik marah2 i lepak lama2 nak merayap dlm starbucks main newspaper watever...instead, i kept looking at all the cute lil mugs, nak beli for baby, nak beli lollipop lah, cawan kecik lah....mcm lah he wants all that pon
pukul 11 dh rushing terus nk pick him up, dia tgh join the group tgk flash xdelah duduk pun, dia tukang pgg flash cards n sorok kt bwh kerusi.

teacher said he did very well, happy, xnak mnm susu ( I DH BG BFAST MACARONI B4 SKOOL ) dia nak main dgn the older kids. yg 5 yrs old. dunnolah y. maybe mcm main dgn adults jgk kot for him. xpelah
yg ptg dia belajar bersosial

so we decided to let him go 3 days in a week, 2 if mama malas bgn pagi2 hahahaha ( ok, salah didik anak, asyik bangun lambat... )
pukul 9 ( lambat k, org start pkl 8 .. lol ) sampai pkl 12. 1130 on fridays..
oklah...3 hours main...
i dun expect him to suddenly balik baca ABC sampai habis, thou testimonials from SHELL staff punya wives anak drg yg masuk 2 thn 3 thn dah baca simple words. WOW.
yg penting everyone recommend tempat tu because they really train ur kids to behave well as well as byk stimulations. this one i like!

IVE no expectations wat so ever FOR NOW..DIA KECIK LG KAN
yg penting rafiq pandai berkawan, tau sharing, tau behave kt rumah and outside and HAPPY!
mama happy sebenarnya Rafiq, cuma mama rasa rindu kt rafiq...
jelous pun ada, org lain main dgn rafiq ( loser betol hahaha )

but mama happy anak mama membesar dgn sihat dan bijak
alhamdulillah syukur!

ni si kenit balik dr skool tido mcm org pengsan
yes, dia still suka tido tonggek mcm ni

ni hasil kerja mama n rafiq finger painting kt rumah
ok boleh sakit jantung jgk finger painting dlm rumah
letak newspaper sebesar2 tidak pun tgn kita dirty join dia cop2, pastu dia celup kaki kt kertas tu and nak jalan merata...n lari nk panjat sofa...
sambil ckp "yek yek...irty... "
 oh my,
so lastly crayolan washable paint ( mmg washable kt badan tp kt sofa susah jgk la nk tanggal ) kena simpan dulu ya. dah besar skt baru blh main blk
but not bad lah, nak framekan esok! yeay....
till then...

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xtau lagi bila nak update
busy busy busy
but miss u all

nak catch up baca blog smrg now


Saturday, October 9, 2010

i see a baby.....

at 17 months rafiq still points to himself as baby
if i say ..." rafiq, can i have a baby girl plz?"
he'll shake his head and point to himself while saying ""
i think it means na na na nak..( tak nak ), im the only baby
zatty said, as long as rafiq's the baby we'll never get pregnant
so i need to start calling him abang...
abang? hehehehehehehehe

nak ke tak?
nak ke tak?
nak pg holiday
tp nak baby girl...
nak holiday 
tp nak girl
if book holiday package tiba2 pregnant?
by the time syg habis training......dah bln 7...if pregnant skrg, dah....almost 8 months nnti...

nak baby girl
tp nak holiday
nak baby

mandrem apa nih?

ngarut ngarut

in the mean time,
we'll settle for these newborn hehehehehhehee
owh and...
pics of rafiq making his first artwork debut

 my first stencil book....

 mama...i want the red one

 one snowman....

 cantik x?

 mcm pro kan?

dah siap daaaaaaaaaaaaa
ok laaaaa mama tlg outlinekan skali dgn baby
baby conteng je k

Monday, October 4, 2010

its nice to be nice...right?

 have uve even been teased about how u looked? ur feelings? or anything else?

 just walk away and keep them so far from ur life,
trust me.....ur gonna feel so much better

 its not so hard to be nice...try it once a while
ull feel good about urself

 eventhough u think no one will know,
its the right thing to do.....

try to think if it happens to u

 people will love u more
most importantly, ull love yourself more

its not that hard afterall

 and we live happily ever after...
( sorry tgn budak kecik nak jgk baca )

taken from rafiq's "help me be good" series
just a reminder to myself and everyone....
afterall, all these young generations of ours starts from us....


Sunday, October 3, 2010

betty crocker and............................

in a box la kan....
i am definitely a housewife with no baking talents
none wat so ever
but i try
some jadi...mostly....becomes a totally different kuih altogether

so Better Crocker helped...
my very own brownies
easy lah kan, add eggs, vegetable oil and water to the mixture
masuk dlm baking tin
thats all!

40 minutes later....
i added my own touch, chewaahhhh 
added some choc chips...
so bila cair..kt tgh2 tu byk melted choc chips.

the next day,
warm brownies and ice cream for tea!
what a nice combo....

expect more instant cakes from me yah!

c u soon

owh and btw,
lately...byk sgt buzzes on ym, smses and even emails...
some i sempat balas
some tu maybe xsempat
i just need to say one thing here and make everything clear

as ive said before,
i have forgave whatever or whoever purposely or accidentally tried to make me look bad and i no longer want to talk about this to anyone anymore
and i did keep my promise

whatever has happened is done
my life does not evolve around those ridiculous and immature actions 
i do not BLAME anyone who believed have hurt me and my beloved family or friends by any sort of beliefs or were hurt by anyone else by the same acts
we are humans, we want to trust
and we trust the people we love 

i am NOT the kind of person who keeps any grudges

i do forgive
even if u dont ask for it
but to ask me to be another BAD influence,


keep me out of this drama

pretty please..........