Wednesday, December 29, 2010

latest collections by ammara

ammara aina long dress rm 60

ammara aneeqa long sleeve dress rm 100

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ammara hijabi in NUR!!

So happy!!!
Our first media coverage in NUR magazine edition Jan 2011.

9 ways to wear ur hijab by ammara hijabi boutique!!!

Qasima, bella and mustard wrap dress by ammara....

We re 3 months old now.So proud of ourselves.insyaAllah to many more exciting yrs ahead.
To my beloved partner, ur the best!!!to our very very supportive u all


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Monday, December 13, 2010

short term transfer to KL ( warning ; byk sgt pics )

blog dah bersawang sangat2 dah
ni baru ada free time sikit
so ill upload pics of our recent short term transfer to KL

1st night checked in at Mandarin Oriental. room nice! very classy... 

love the bathroom doors...

 very spacious bathroom, nampak TV direct so of cozla baby nak berendam lama2 dalam tub sambil tgl TV

lunch kat bilik. singapore noodles dgn clams yg super banyak!

 time for my afternoon nap!

the view

 dinner at california pizza kitchen, nasib baik pg...sebab mommy rina ckp dah tutup now. renovation ke i dunno...thank god. dah lama mengidam pizza sini

avocado spinach dip starter yg super yummy

CPK pizza

baby breakfast cheese stix

the huge infinity pool nampak satu KL


my birthday dinner at CHAKRI PALACE


THE BDAY GAL/ mommy hahaha

budak manja

xde pics makanan sbb too hungry to snap. kat fb ada hehehe

 lunch with the gorgeous mommies at SERAI, EMPIRE
zatty, rinie, aira

rafiq, nabila, moi, lea and pretty nia

 topic ; mostly tudung hahahaha

yup, xboleh pose dgn baby yg lasak ya

 jumpa amal, megat and zara at pappa rich

 nasib baik ada geng kan?

geng, tgkla pose handsome saya ni


 lounge MO layan layan awek arab


org tu nyanyi xberapa sedap....but layan jelah

lunch at MO's chinese restaurant, Hang Li PO

 ambiance macam kat kopitiam lama

mana food ni???????

 recommended by mummy sue danish, hwang yu beef....its rm 300 ya
but totally worth it!

dim sum , beef and noodles...burrrppppppppppppp teringat2 lg beef tu sampai skrg
after that checked out from MO sebab nak try another place

check in at TRADERS HOTEL plak....lea cakap best!

 room modern n stylish..
 love the bathroom!
and the breakfast buffet, the best so far!!!!they have everything...from sushi, roti canai right down to the choc fountain for breakfast.....sgt banyak. totally worth it! and the rooms sgt affordable. love, tp available for 1 night sahaja. fully booked .. musim pak arab kan...

dinner with mummy anita and family at PUTI BUNGSU BATAM....
the best padang pood in KL!!!!!


more pics in FB....thanks anita sebab introduce this place. sgt sgt sgt sedap. after that try tpt lain semua xboleh lawan here!

we checked in at WESTIN pulak. sini pun only 2 nights available. dapat the jr suite. xdelah besar sgt pun...mcm ada living room sikit. but i love the hotel, mmg modern and luxurious yg xdelah too mak datin style mcm MO... satu je xbest, toilet dia xde hose huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......kena basuh dlm shower. urggghhhhh

 love the room's foyer mcm dance studio

 green tea toiletries

 the food sedap!  westins signature pasta, creamy mash potatoes, wedge fries and choc mousse 

dinner with meon, farah and baby marsya! si jepun

thank go rafiq sleep so bagi marsya layan mama's phone....dia dah nangis nak sleep dah ni

 we checked in at nikko pulak after that
bilik paling besar so far.....cuma mcm dah lama

dinner at benky's, NIKKO

 fresh sushi

 outing with iza hugzandkisses , pg Americans Wives Association's bazaar at Royale Chulan Hotel....

 semua nak! rambang mata

 rafiq and kakak ayeesha

 after that had lunch with sha at DOME

 rafiq borak2 dgn baby raees

 me, sha and irin putri... 
u might recognize her from WHI tv3
pretty mommy

 where to mama?

 thanksgiving dinner at sayang's colleague's house

 first time makan turkey

first time rafiq pegang xmas tree

lunch with anita at SAHARA TENT


their signature KELI dish

 my char kuey teow

 tempat yg sangat cantik!
food sgt sedap!

 if nak pg, its SCRUMPTIOUS, jalan Yap Kwan Seng, dekat dgn puti bungsu batam

 last day at NIKKO
after a week, nak cari service apartment dah...
penat dah pindah2 angkat bags

bye bye goona miss u!

 lunch at HADRAMAWT...

 lamb mendi

arabic tea....

we checked in at ASCOTT RESIDENCES pulak.
its a service apartment, 
a nice, cozy small apt for the 3 of us....
dekat sgt dgn KLCC...
walking distance only
semua ok.....bila dah ptg baru realized, oh no...................... toilet dia xde hose jugak
kena wash dlm shower....
but we already paid for a week so malaslah unpack....
but overall, mmg best, ada duck pond , fishes, the pool very nice , food best, services tip top!!!! very warm and welcoming....

we went to the fish exhibition that weekend

and then ada kids fair kat HALL sebelah, rafiq mengamuk nak car

 lunch at PAPPA RICH


outing with the TESL ladies at PAVILLION

 thank god baby slept all the way hehehehe
sampaila the ladies balik and sayang arrived, so makan dinner dgn sayang pulak at THE LOAF...
tempat ni owned by our former PM
i mmg sgt sgt suka their bakeries, so nak try the heavy courses pulak

 sayang tried the non alchoholic wine..mmg pahit yek!

 the award winning raisin hazelnut loaf

 sedapla mama

 avocado wraps

 juicy grass eating beef burger hahahhaa dunno y they had to put that on the menu

toiletries on the 3rd day.
love the hospotality at ascott...A+

 baby of coursela suka the fish and duck pond!

we had a small pot luck gathering with the TESL clan....
a night filled with tremendous laughter....yaAllah sampai sakit tekak ok!

 shunc making choc fondue...hebat k!

yup, awesome night !

 went to KLIMS

 and baby zara ( MYRA 's baby ) PARTY

the host....thanks for inviting us....

balik rumah MIL rafiq tido mcm org kepenatan

went to MAHA the next day!
panas and sgt ramai org

 that afternoon celebrated ANIS"S bday

and after that.....
we check in to our new place
its right behind ASCOTT
walking distance also to KLCC and sayangs temporary office
its new, baru a semua benda mcm very fresh hehehe

complimentary food basket

bought chilis takeaway that night sbb lapar sgt
and too tired to dine out

this place is nice.
suits our small family perfectly....
 paling best, ada indoor warm jacuzzi. separate for ladies and men. so bolehla xpakai tudung weeeeeee....
rafiq and aunty bella masuk dulu tgu mama change hehehehe

outdoor infinity pool pun ada.....

so the mommies yang plan nak gathering at our place....
jom jom jom
c u soon!!!!!