Saturday, January 22, 2011

ammara, rafiq busyuk , moi partner and jasmin!

this must be my first entry for 2011.hectic ok schedule....
rafiq as usual makin lasak, since nowadays dah mcm siblings with zara, hes learning a lot of new vocabs. thank u zara!!! and of coz, he is forever mama's bouncer ikut mama pg mana2.
i left him a few hours for 2 days for our magazine photoshoot. thank u syg for taking leave to babysit...thanks a lot sbb support my business..

our NUR and DARA shoot....

i pun kena jd model....sabar jelah...xpelah...since they personally invited us to be their fashion client..rasa lain kena byr ribu2 for 1 page...we all free bila dia pujuk2 i jadi makeover model...hadoiii oklahhhh....but i looked good in ... ngehehehhee pasrah...

moi lovely supportive 4 months pregnant partner, amal

and....spent the weekend in ipoh with lovely jasmin...i miss u already...

thanks bwk makan grilled and steamboat buffet....sedap sampai skrg perut ketat

thanks bg tpt tido siap layan rafiq main xbox and bg rafiq tinggalkan mark on ur bed muahahahhaha

and dpt pg lost world of tambun....yahooo....more pics nnti on fb...skrg mmg malas on lappie....whatever hahha


i want a new baby plz..........

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ewah ewahhhhh

Bukanlah pamper anak buy him everthing he whatever is mine of coz is rafiq's too.....ish ish ish...thanks papa...dulu mama's notebook dia koyak2 sampai hilang order2 client. Now, si kecik ni lg tau dr mama apa nak tekan kt dlm ipad ni. Sapa la ajar ni bijak sgt ni.thank god dia fhm bahasa if mama said no.bukanla kedekut,kena ada limit.nnti xpandai pgg pencil and main outdoor mengadap tu je.

Well, rafiqs a big boi now, maybe its time to get u a fren kan? Nak tak? Janganla ckp nanak k

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