Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinner - fried garlic prawn fettucini

This is whats for dinner tonight!

Rebus pasta , i used fettucini ( did i spell it right ? ) rebus with some olive oil n a pinch of salt

In another pan, fry some garlic dlm 3 cloves , masukkan diced chicken , prawns and mushrooms with olive oil

Masukkan carrots, celery n any vege u like,

Put some fresh parsley and oregano ( xde fresh , i used dried )

Masukkan 2 spoons of butter

Masukkan fettucini yg dah ditoskan,

Some cheese ( used cheddar je ) optional

Some garlic and pepper to taste


Nak pedas letak chilli flakes
I added a bit of bird chillies, ptg halus2 mcm flakes tu, after Ive poured some onto rafiqs plate of coz, tekak mummy and papa still melayu hhehehee

Nite2 all

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bye bye kl people!

Gonna miss u guys! Sedih.... Ill be back in 3 weeks.time to catch up with miri!!!


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