Friday, March 19, 2010

lil champ!

3rd place but still champion for mama
he won 4 rounds and in the finals...
he came in third...

pssssssss... it was planned
my car was cramped with my SIL's family and rafiq's car seat
so we knew we couldnt fit in the stroller or car seat anywhere
so bila rafiq dah half way, i distracted him with my phone..
so he stopped...

anak mama tetap champion di hati mama

dapat trophy and a huge hamper filled with toys!
love u

mama kembang lebih...ehehhehee

Friday, March 12, 2010


definition of fickle 
Not fixed or firm; liable to change; of a changeable mind

coz its more than just words......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



if u were looking for a playschool or a montessori for your lil ones..
what are the facilities or activities that you would love to have at the place?

eg : cctv ( with online services ), swimming pool...etc...

what is actually important in ensuring a great learning environment for babies and kids? 

this is nice kan?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

reading....and projects

currently, we're reading this to rafiq


worth every penny.... we read him 1 page before he sleeps....
the fonts are just nice...not too small...and the illustrations are colourful too 

hopefully in a few months....he can read it himself... AMIN
i think,
its about time we start educating him about Islam in depth

on his reading progress, his attention span is getting longer


so now from ladybird 1a


we've started with 1b


 thought at times....dia mmg xnak pun baca together...sbb dah makin panjang the sentences....but its ok....
if dia mengantuk or khusyuk main...ill just stop...
xguna pun...nnti xde satu pn melekat...
but i do try to slot in at least 5 minutes every few hours for reading

the cute thing is every time i point n read him a word he'll mumble something in response. he tries to imitate the sounds.....mama tau rafiq nk pronounce the same thing cuma xpandai lg..."batah ke,nakiki ke,tootototmum ke...semua nye mama suka ekekke"

very cute ..

thanks a lot mummy qarissa for all the great info on early learning...

will definitely learn more from u and others
so that i can keep up with the trainers im about to hire
a few more months till i can collect my capital for my dream centre...
thanks hanis for giving me a great opportunity as a stepping stone to my dreams
really appreciate it....

as for now......

rafiq...lets read together ok cayang