Sunday, January 31, 2010

sneak peak

it was AWESOME!

u guys were wonderful!

i love every single one of u

will be seeing u sometime soon ya

thanks for being there

thanks for the joy and laughter

forgive me for the flaws here and there

believe me...ive tried to make everything perfect for everyone....

love u guys


xoxo to all

Thursday, January 28, 2010

family day updates!


updates on the PD family day event....

will be seeing u guys at glory beach resort's lobby at 1pm 

 event's itinerary  


1pm : meet up at the lobby ( giving out goodie bags, lucky draw, mingle )

2pm : check in ( plz prepare the total payment amount because kena byr dulu baru dpt kunci , in small change pun bagus...lg senang )

rest....have lunch... nak ramai2 pun ok

4pm : meet up at hotel lobby ( plz wear comfy attire )

start sukaneka at the beachside

( plz bring balls, floats, water guns or any beach toys ok )

best group wins a hamper!

6pm : freshen up, rest, solat

8pm : meet up at hotel's coffee house for dinner buffet
( dress to impress ya...will be awarding hot mummy, daddy n babies! )

1030 pm : end


 8-10am : breakfast buffet

10am : mummy elina's briefing on alpha lipid ( best )

1030am : beach photography ( plz bring white attire for you and ur whole family )

12pm : end photography ( plz bring a DVD disc or preferably ur lappie to copy all the pics. senang and too many pics takut xmuat dlm thumbdrive or DVD. we will be having at least 2 byk sgt pics..)

checkout and say goodbyes...

nanti kita pose mcm ni ye ( pic source : google )







mommies who will be participating

1. me ( mummy sarah, papa ashrul, baby rafiq )
2. mummy anita, hubby, baby adzryl 
3. mummy amie, hubby, baby qaira
4. mummy zatty, hubby, baby rayna
5. mummy nana, hubby, baby saif
6. mummy steph, hubby, baby ryan
7. mummy ezan, hubby, baby sarah 
8. mummy ielya, hubby, baby isyraf
9. mummy fatin, hubby, baby emir
10. mummy suzan, hubby, baby putra
11. mummy b, hubby, afiq , alyah, baby adib

copied this from

Things You'll Need:
  • Strap on hat
  • Baby T-shirt
  • Warm change of clothes for baby 
  • Baby Powder
  • Dry Snacks
  • Toy bucket & Shovel
  • Beach Towels
  • Old bread or crackers to feed birds
  • Chemical Free titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sun block
  • Swim suit and swim diaper
  1. Step 1
The chemical free sun block is a much better choice for your little one. These types of sun block work by performing as an actual barrier between the skin and the sun. You can apply it right before you go in the sun and it will still be effective. You might feel like you cannot fully rub it into the skin but that's ok, that's how this type of sun block works.

Apply all over your baby and also your self.

  1. Step 2
Usually once their try and cannot get the hat off, they go on about their day and leave it alone.
Put on the swim suit, swim diaper, and t-shirt to protect your child's skin further and also to prepare them to go into the water. Also put on the hat to help keep the sun out of their eyes and to protect their head which can get sunburned as well. You will find the strap on the hat useful as your baby may try to remove it.
  1. Step 3
Let your little one feel the sand. Many babies might want to eat the sand and it can be hard for you not to let them touch it in hopes of preventing them from eating it. The best thing they can do to learn is touch and feel everything around them so try to let them. They might eat a little, it won't hurt them, and some babies have even been known to eat a lot of sand and it just comes right back out the other end. Let them feel it, crawl in it, make wet sand and let them play in it, get down and enjoy the sand with them.
  1. Step 4
You shouldn't plan more than a couple hours at the beach anyway, but you still might need to feed your little one a snack while you are there. If they eat from a jar of course it will be cleaner and easier. However, if they are feeding themselves it's a good idea to sit them down on a clean towel and feed them some dry snacks. You are at the beach, so inevitably sand will get everywhere, but you can eliminate a huge amount by not bringing anything wet to eat.
  1. Step 5
Anytime you need to get the sand off... during diaper changes, before eating, when you leave... this trick works great for the whole family. Rub baby powder or cornstarch onto your skin and the sand magically comes off.

see all of u in PD....


Monday, January 25, 2010


when rafiq starts a new skill...he always MALAS nak buat the other one
before this everytime i sing...

"if u happy n u know it clap ur hands"

he will clap....

or if he managed to climb the chair, sofa, cupboard, grill ( nak panjat skali ) he will clap...chewaaaahhh...kononnya mission accomplished la kan...

but then...


dia leka....


" jom eat sayang ".....geleng
" lets drink milk ".......geleng


everytime angkat dia....

dia mesti bukak tangan luas2 and beratkan badan


rafiq mmg xsuka kena pegang

kecuali mengantuk


kenapa ye?

belajar skill baru...yg lama dia terus malas



nnti ill upload pics ya mommies

sorry mommy lina coz we couldnt make it on sunday....
balik wedding pun dah petang...thanks for the toujours ya

mommy nnti i upload asap....

mommy anita, amie, zatty, suzan, nana, ielya, ezan, b, steph and elina.....jumpa di PD!!!!yahoooooooo

ps : akhirnya........2012...siap!yahooooo


sticky post
(latest post plz refer below)

on the 30th and 31st of January!


# 2 bedroom apartment ( RM 160 )

( actually ada 1 master bed , and 1 single bed room - if ada yg duduk share bilik ni pun ok, kira 2 rooms maybe the 1 bed tu xsesuai for family kot. small sgt. but if ada bwk maid oklah ehehhee ) 

# 3 Bedroom Apartment ( RM 250 )
ni sesuai to share with 2 families. ada 2 main bedrooms with bathroom and 1 single bedroom.

# for BBQ buffet + breakfast buffet
RM 50 ( adults ), kids ( 30 )

# for hall rental, gifts, photography fees and goodie bag
RM 50

so in total

2 room apartment : 160(room) + 100(food)+ 50(fee) = 310 per family (plz add RM 30 if u have kids over 2 yr)


3 room apartment : 250 + 100+50 = 400 ( perfamily if tak share room )
if share the 3 room (275)


30th Jan ( Sat )

1 pm : meetup at hotel lobby 

2pm : check in/ freshen up/have lunch ( ramai2 pun ok )

4 pm : meet up at pool side/ hall 

- sukaneka ( parents and babies ) - trust me..this should be fun!

- babies or kids best dressed contest
- hot mommy contest
- daddy cool contest

630 pm : freshen up, rest

8 pm : BBQ buffet dinner ( insyaAllah at the beach cafe or pool side )
- dinner, mingling and probably karaoke session 

10.30 pm : end

31st Jan

8 - 10 am : breakfast buffet

10 am : beach photography

1130 am : freshen up, pack

12 pm : check out and say good byes 

what to bring ?

1. ur baby / kids best outfit/ costume
2. your very own best outfit ( mommys contest )
3. your spouse's best outfit ( daddys )
4. one red outfit for ur whole family ( dinner )
5. swimming outfits ( if u want to swim of course )

6. thumb drive or hard disk to copy the photography pics
7. ur baby's/kids fave toys...banyak2 pn bagus


your best smile!!!!!

what to expect?

a weekend packed with laughter and sweet memories!

email me at or call me 0127021371

Monday, January 18, 2010

can i plz have urs?

we're here!

well....we've arrived a few days ago....

tapi banyak sangat errands yang kena buat sampai lupa nak update...
 ( macamlah artist org nak tau eheheh )


ive been preoccupied with wedding invitations as well as preparations for my sisters merisik ceremony and my brother's engagement which is really soon...

tolong.....tak cukup tangan...... 
anyone care to lend me theirs?

ive yet to prepare the goodie bag for the PD family day....

will be doing that soon...

mommy hanis, tunggu...i will be seeing u soon....xsempat la darling...haikal tunggu aunty ya...

mommy lina , will be confirming our attendance soon....tgh squeeze in everything...insyaAllah we'll be there.

Friday, January 15, 2010

baby signs, bilal

 mummy bilal aka sarah, bilal, moi and rafiq

 so sweet....bilal says hi to rafiq

yes rafiq...only u can sit on the table

 mummy talk ehehhe

mama sue...insyaAllah lepas ni...dania pulak ehehehe

 kat mana org sibuk borak situlah rafiq

 daddies laughing about? work usually hahaha

a few days ago blogger sarah was in miri to look for houses...yes, we're gonna be miri buddies soon....ehehhee...ive been following her blog as well as her baby signs blog. i love the techniques that shes been using...cuma susah sgt nak schedule my time masa kt kl for the classes. since she was in Miri for a few days only, we only managed to have dinner together....took the chance to invite a few other frens also...miss them..asyik2 balik KL ye hazam...ehehehhee

we had an awesome night dining and hanging out at siamese secret
the food was great...the company was amazing...
 sampai all the babies and kids dah gosok2 mata
pity bilal...way past his bedtime kan
sarah was such a loving mother....and yes, every minute was a educational moment for bilal...

let me say, Bilal ( sarah's prince ) is the perfect testimonial on the effectiveness of thebaby signs program...during our 2 hour date...he signaled ( and said ) car, star, baby, eat, pick up truck and sleep. i think there were a few more...tak ingat. Bilal is one clever 14 month old baby....masyaAllah....sgtlah kagum

but anyway...

Babies have a lot to say....even before they can actually speak. With the Original Baby Signs® Program, babies and toddlers can communicate what they see, what they need and even how they feel by using simple easy-to-do signs for words like "Eat", "Milk" and "More". Research has shown that the Baby Signs® Program decreases frustration, help babies talk sooner, enriches parent-child relationships, and boosts' babies intellectual development.

( taken from )

Sarah is a certified baby signs instructor
mommies yg pd PD , insyaAllah i will be arranging one session of baby signs class for all of u
tgh nego the price...

ive started a few things with drink, eat, sleep, come, and car..
sarah said, start at an early age. yes, memang dia xfaham skrg. but they will store it in they brain and later on...mesti dia buat.
must remember to practice it every day....

sarah, insyaAllah we will be seeing u soon...
( somehow its funny we share the same name, its like introducing myself to other ppl )

Monday, January 11, 2010

heart broken!

dr said its because of the heat ...
38.8 degrees masa fever hari tu

how it breaks my heart to see u sleep so peacefully in this condition
mama tau sgt xselesa...
 kesiannya mama dgn rafiq

info from

What causes heat rash?

Your baby sweats to cool down. If he sweats so much that his pores clog and sweat can't get out, heat rash develops. (Babies and young children are particularly prone to heat rash because they have smaller pores than adults do.)

Hot, humid weather is prime time for heat rash, but you might see it in winter, too, if your baby is wearing too many layers of clothing or is running a fever. Sometimes a baby will get heat rash after a cough ointment is rubbed on his chest.

Is heat rash serious?

No, but it's a sign that your baby is too warm. Overheating can lead to serious conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Is heat rash painful for my baby?

No, it isn't usually painful, but it can be itchy. Some of the bumps may be tender to the touch.

How should I treat heat rash?

Start by cooling your baby off. Loosen or remove his clothing, and move him into an airy room or a shady spot.

You might place him on a cotton towel, which can help absorb his sweat. Apply cool, wet washcloths to the areas affected by the rash. A lukewarm bath with a little baking soda — 2 teaspoons per gallon — can also help.

Let him air dry rather than rubbing him with a towel. And don't use ointments or creams on the rash. These can make the rash worse by trapping moisture.

If it's hot at night, use an air conditioner or a fan in your baby's room. Direct the fan near your baby but not directly on him. Or place it far enough away so that only a gentle breeze reaches him. You want your baby to be comfortable, not chilled.

Trim your baby's fingernails regularly sohe doesn't scratch himself if the rash starts itching. You may want to put little socks on his hands at night so he won't scratch himself while he sleeps.

dr said, the rashes will come out...
banyak2 n then dia hilang mcm tu je
so no need to worry
dia tak garu pulak...
cuma he rubs his face now n then...xsure sbb gatal or bcoz hes sleepy
sbb tpt lain dia xde garu...
nasib baik, hes still his old self....main2 gelak2....klo x mesti mama nangis jgk

mama sedih....

rafiq...get well soon sayang!

38 degrees

what a very nice way to celebrate being 8 months old...

demam for 2 days before 

i think hes teething...tapi xde kuar pun gigi

according to these are the signs of teething

  • biting ( sakit! )
  • drooling ( yup...habis basah baju )
  • gum rubbing ( he uses his fingers )
  • sucking ( mmgla selalu )
  • irritability ( sometimes he'll start biting me and then nangis for no reasons )
  • wakefulness ( tido 2 jam, wake up crying, gigit 2 jari, BF then tido and ulang blk )
  • ear rubbing ( xsure , bcoz he does this whenever hes annoyed or sleepy )
  • facial rash ( yup! dah start ada blk , ingatkan bcoz i byk mkn seafood tp sblm ni xde pun )
  • decreased appetite ( 5 spoons then terus pandang tpt lain , xnak dah )
  • mild temperature ( 38 degrees i think xmild kot )
and yes, hes been doing/having all that.
but then thank god his temperature was 38.8 tapi still main2 dgn sangat aktif...

tu yg pelik tu...cuma at nights he frequently wakes up to be nursed which is always accompanied with attempts to bite my n*****s...ouch!!!!!!!!!!!sgt sakit tau... 

usually rafiq hates to be cuddled...kejap2 xpe... he wants to be free...(provided im aroundlah kan) but these past 2 days...he wants me to hug him, he wants me to cradle him at times..main2 kejap pastu dtg nak peluk2 mama.

mama tau...

rafiq tak comfortable ye sayang....kesian dia....

 so now, 

ive started using the mothercare silicone baby toothbrush on him 

he loooovessss it!
mata stim2 sedap kot...
gosok2 gusi yg gatal tu

 i think i need to get dentinox..
as adviced by mommy steph

hopefully he'll stop giving me those painful bite marks


happy 8 months old rafiq zulkarnain...
ur as clever and bright as ever...
we love u so much...

c u mommies!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

im only human.... a woman


but yes,

it explains my emotional roller-coaster
im not like this...
i keep on telling im not
im a mother, watever stuff thats bothering me is nothing in comparison to catering to rafiq's needs everyday
mommies yg tanya2 just me...ehehhehehe.

n moreover

asyik nak makan je...
( yg melampaunye xhabis2 nak kfc )
then yesterday, mmg xlarat sgt, nak muntah, loya, nak pitam...
ingatkan signs for the other one..
dah berangan dah baju pink kecik ekekkeke
perlu ke girl? eheheh mestilah
but then secretly, no...i am so not ready yet

and then, tgh2 malam..
i felt this unbearable pain..

red flag!

dah lama xperiod and then suddenly period
after 1 year and 5 months


wierd also sbb still BF

maybe sbb rafiq now pun dah mnm FM at least once a day
susu dah semakin slow...

sedih nya...

but anyway...

cari the whole house for sanitary pads..
tak jumpa ok..
usually ada jgk stok panty liner...
ni takde langsung...

xkan tissues?


potong toujours rafiq...
letak sellotape kt hujung dia n pakai
sumpah mmg  gelak guling2 dgn sayang
terus hilang senggugut..sampai nak tido still gelak

cik abg sayang punye kerja la tlg potongkan

and yes,

mmg tak bocor...

multipurpose ye toujours...
bukan nak bodek...
ini benar2 kejadian

anyway...dah beli dah laurier maxi wing tadi...

xkan nak pakai toujours sampai habis kot ekekekekeke
next time kena always prepared
im only human.....i make mistakes even on myself ehehehe

klo nak beli...
sila contact mummy lina or mummy amie ye...

berbaloi baloi ekekekekekekekekekekeke

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


website ptptn mmg wierd
klo nak access online bank so very slow..
pastu dah byr dia tiba2 offline
guna credit card pun sama

the other day pg ptptn's office
she said senang guna cash
pg la withdraw 
n then dah system down xboleh kuarkan resit
they only issued a manual receipt, tulis guna tgn....

after a week baru dpt resit official

worrying jugaklah kan...
mana lah tau...
bayar pastu rupanya burn mcm tu je

tak sure skrg ni mcmana
my internet yg slow or the website
pg office shell pun sama...slow jgk the website
or maybe new year tgh maintainance kot

anyone tried lately?

dahlah kt miri xde office ptptn...
nak kena tunggu blk kl...
aiyoooo lama lg tu
mau settle everything...xnak pening kepala lg dah
sayang already said...
dpt duit settlekan semua hutang, baru plan apa2...
ptptn then kereta
so fenin2

nak try lagi lah..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

attention seeker award goes to...........

my lil prince

rafiq zulkarnain

he just loves to....

* climb on my body or papa's bila tgk both of us lepak peluk2 ( oppsss ) depan tv or on the bed...and then he will squeeze himself into the middle...kaki semua kat muka mama, butt kat muka papa...pastu tiba2 kiss my on the lips...nak say i love u la kunon? ke nak menyempit ni??? 

* he will cry for no reasons if im bz doing something...pastu bila BF dia...nyonyot 3 kali n then dia pandang I dgn mata if "apa?sapa nangis?gotcha!!" and then sambung main...sabar jelah

my cayang double trouble...notty2 bam bam bucuk

* he will sit in his playpen bila terjaga mlm2 n then call "apappapaaa" pastu nangis mcm kena dera calling papa to get him out ( ni mmg kerja papa.i xpnh bgn angkast rafiq)...n then bila hubby letak him next to me , he will hug me , put his palm on my b**bs and then tido...susu xnak plak.nak menyibuk bawah ketiak je

* he plays on his own, and then if i bgn je nak pg toilet ke kan...he'll suddenly starts panjat sofala, TV cabinet la, almarila..and then pusing pandang I muka notty....of course la mama will patah balik n get him...gedik tau!

* if im bz onlining, dia sibuk nak BF pastu nak terus tido on my lap.klo bgn nk letak dia genggam my hair kuat2.hes doing that right now..lenguhnyaaa..

* he wants to eat when other ppl are kdg2 i pura2 makan benda yg dia that dia pn nak makan...dia tau his bowl dgn org lain punye he knows we're tricking kenalah i makan jgk at times.
also, he doesnt want to eat the same thing in one day. pagi lain , ptg lain...
pastu klo makan mmg kena ckp2 dgn dia...or nyanyi2 .. or kira 1 spoon, 2 spoon.... klo x dia marah. esp suap n i tgk tv. dia mmg marah. tp klo kita buat semua tu dia mmg pndang tpt lain sbb dia kunon2 malu hahahaha 

noooooooo not apple juice nooooo

*  klo dia dah pro satu benda tu and i ask him to do it again dia mesti tak nak...kadang2 dia saja je tgk i muka notty mcm "mana ada" kalau biar sorang2 amboi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- dia suka serang grill depan tu panjat, diri nak tgk papa dah balik ke blum
- panjat TV cabinat xnak bg mama tgk tv

- panjat keluar walker...semalam the walker tu sebelah sofa, i went to get the remote, tau2 je dia dah duduk atas sofa...stunt apakah ini????bertuah betul

* dia sukaaaaaa sgt i urut2 sambil nyanyi2 sambil geletek2...mesti dia sengih besar nampak gusi yg xde gigi tu and then pandang tpt lain. malu la kunun.....but if i stop dia tgk i blk...hahahahaha gedik!!!!suka suka

* if i pick him up to put him in his walker dia akan kangkang, n thn bdn n kaki dr msk dlm. unless i dah tjk his feeding bowl, or i run around him , dia sukala nk kejar. last2 walker tu jd mcm feeding chair plak pupose nye

* he will drink plain water in his sippy cup or cup only. klo letak dlm botol dia buat muka disgusted . nasib baik when eating hes ok minum byk2 pon. tp time2 lain mmg dia tak nak.nsb baik still oklah sbb bm pun mmg air kn.and he hates fruit juice jgk...klo fruits ptg2 bg dia gigit2 dia nak.

* skrg suka turun dr tpt2 tinggi.sbb dah pro turun dr blkg wooohoooooo...penat ni ajar dr bila dia dah pandai dia over2 asyik nak buat je and then kdg2..dia excited pastu duduk kat edge tu.nnti jatuhla kena always monitor...masalahnye..bukan monitor bila naik je.kt bawah pon, tau2 je dah panjat naik n nak turun . sgt extreme..


(mama lina ni rafiqs video. nnti letak aleesya's ok)

im amazed at how far PATIENCE with our little ones can go a LOOOONNNGGGG way!byk sabar betul.klo dulu sikit je kerja n penat mesti melantak tido. ini pasal anak...kdg2 tu sakit2 blkg sbb pg pasar pun angkut jgk. berdua je plak tu. serious...only a mama understands all this and is willing to do all this

 either way...

im really happy

 rafiq's progress has been amazing.mestila puji...bangga tau.sapa tak bangga dgn anak sendiri kan? yg lambat tu tang gigi je.pastu dia small ehehehehe...sbb tu cepat je kot sbb ringan. ikut size mama eh? hihihi nnti tinggi mcm papa  k. yg ptg bijak n cerdik. AMIN