Monday, January 11, 2010

38 degrees

what a very nice way to celebrate being 8 months old...

demam for 2 days before 

i think hes teething...tapi xde kuar pun gigi

according to these are the signs of teething

  • biting ( sakit! )
  • drooling ( yup...habis basah baju )
  • gum rubbing ( he uses his fingers )
  • sucking ( mmgla selalu )
  • irritability ( sometimes he'll start biting me and then nangis for no reasons )
  • wakefulness ( tido 2 jam, wake up crying, gigit 2 jari, BF then tido and ulang blk )
  • ear rubbing ( xsure , bcoz he does this whenever hes annoyed or sleepy )
  • facial rash ( yup! dah start ada blk , ingatkan bcoz i byk mkn seafood tp sblm ni xde pun )
  • decreased appetite ( 5 spoons then terus pandang tpt lain , xnak dah )
  • mild temperature ( 38 degrees i think xmild kot )
and yes, hes been doing/having all that.
but then thank god his temperature was 38.8 tapi still main2 dgn sangat aktif...

tu yg pelik tu...cuma at nights he frequently wakes up to be nursed which is always accompanied with attempts to bite my n*****s...ouch!!!!!!!!!!!sgt sakit tau... 

usually rafiq hates to be cuddled...kejap2 xpe... he wants to be free...(provided im aroundlah kan) but these past 2 days...he wants me to hug him, he wants me to cradle him at times..main2 kejap pastu dtg nak peluk2 mama.

mama tau...

rafiq tak comfortable ye sayang....kesian dia....

 so now, 

ive started using the mothercare silicone baby toothbrush on him 

he loooovessss it!
mata stim2 sedap kot...
gosok2 gusi yg gatal tu

 i think i need to get dentinox..
as adviced by mommy steph

hopefully he'll stop giving me those painful bite marks


happy 8 months old rafiq zulkarnain...
ur as clever and bright as ever...
we love u so much...

c u mommies!


Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

hehe.cari kt pharmacy babe byk

Mrs. Amie said...

Happy 8mths young my dear Rafiq..

Babe, all the signs semua ada pada Qaira except demam tue.. seriously, i'm excited! I dah start guna tooth brush tue since Qaira 3mths young dah.. mmg Qaira pun suka.. hihi.. tak sabar nk tgk our baby tumbuh gigi kan.. hihi

LiAnA said...

yeayyy rafiq nak tumbuh gigi dah.. gusi kalau keras means dh start nk tumbuh gigi..

Drama Mama said...

happy 8 months old dear. haaa mesti la sedap mommy garu gusi yang gatal hehe

Lina said...

happy 8 months rafiq! i have those silicone toothbursh too... best kan?


alolo..kejap je dh 8bln. hapi birthday Rafiq ;)

senioritasara said...

steph : yes...will do! today i cari

amie : thanks mommy, i pon risau jgk...takut geget...ehehehehe....

liana : thanks...i pon rasa mcm tu.mmg keras.gigit sgt sakit

baizurah : sedappppppppppp...khayaaalllll

lina : thanks mommy...sedap la tu...layu2 mata ekekeke

atiqah : thanks...kejap je kan?sedih pn ada