Friday, January 15, 2010

baby signs, bilal

 mummy bilal aka sarah, bilal, moi and rafiq

 so sweet....bilal says hi to rafiq

yes rafiq...only u can sit on the table

 mummy talk ehehhe

mama sue...insyaAllah lepas ni...dania pulak ehehehe

 kat mana org sibuk borak situlah rafiq

 daddies laughing about? work usually hahaha

a few days ago blogger sarah was in miri to look for houses...yes, we're gonna be miri buddies soon....ehehhee...ive been following her blog as well as her baby signs blog. i love the techniques that shes been using...cuma susah sgt nak schedule my time masa kt kl for the classes. since she was in Miri for a few days only, we only managed to have dinner together....took the chance to invite a few other frens also...miss them..asyik2 balik KL ye hazam...ehehehhee

we had an awesome night dining and hanging out at siamese secret
the food was great...the company was amazing...
 sampai all the babies and kids dah gosok2 mata
pity bilal...way past his bedtime kan
sarah was such a loving mother....and yes, every minute was a educational moment for bilal...

let me say, Bilal ( sarah's prince ) is the perfect testimonial on the effectiveness of thebaby signs program...during our 2 hour date...he signaled ( and said ) car, star, baby, eat, pick up truck and sleep. i think there were a few more...tak ingat. Bilal is one clever 14 month old baby....masyaAllah....sgtlah kagum

but anyway...

Babies have a lot to say....even before they can actually speak. With the Original Baby Signs® Program, babies and toddlers can communicate what they see, what they need and even how they feel by using simple easy-to-do signs for words like "Eat", "Milk" and "More". Research has shown that the Baby Signs® Program decreases frustration, help babies talk sooner, enriches parent-child relationships, and boosts' babies intellectual development.

( taken from )

Sarah is a certified baby signs instructor
mommies yg pd PD , insyaAllah i will be arranging one session of baby signs class for all of u
tgh nego the price...

ive started a few things with drink, eat, sleep, come, and car..
sarah said, start at an early age. yes, memang dia xfaham skrg. but they will store it in they brain and later on...mesti dia buat.
must remember to practice it every day....

sarah, insyaAllah we will be seeing u soon...
( somehow its funny we share the same name, its like introducing myself to other ppl )

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Intan said...

He he...dua2 sama nama ;)

Wow bijak nya anak dia...agree that apa pon yg kita ajar, kalo boleh buat daily and kerap kan so that lambat laun dia akan ingat.

It works with arissa as well :)