Monday, January 25, 2010


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on the 30th and 31st of January!


# 2 bedroom apartment ( RM 160 )

( actually ada 1 master bed , and 1 single bed room - if ada yg duduk share bilik ni pun ok, kira 2 rooms maybe the 1 bed tu xsesuai for family kot. small sgt. but if ada bwk maid oklah ehehhee ) 

# 3 Bedroom Apartment ( RM 250 )
ni sesuai to share with 2 families. ada 2 main bedrooms with bathroom and 1 single bedroom.

# for BBQ buffet + breakfast buffet
RM 50 ( adults ), kids ( 30 )

# for hall rental, gifts, photography fees and goodie bag
RM 50

so in total

2 room apartment : 160(room) + 100(food)+ 50(fee) = 310 per family (plz add RM 30 if u have kids over 2 yr)


3 room apartment : 250 + 100+50 = 400 ( perfamily if tak share room )
if share the 3 room (275)


30th Jan ( Sat )

1 pm : meetup at hotel lobby 

2pm : check in/ freshen up/have lunch ( ramai2 pun ok )

4 pm : meet up at pool side/ hall 

- sukaneka ( parents and babies ) - trust me..this should be fun!

- babies or kids best dressed contest
- hot mommy contest
- daddy cool contest

630 pm : freshen up, rest

8 pm : BBQ buffet dinner ( insyaAllah at the beach cafe or pool side )
- dinner, mingling and probably karaoke session 

10.30 pm : end

31st Jan

8 - 10 am : breakfast buffet

10 am : beach photography

1130 am : freshen up, pack

12 pm : check out and say good byes 

what to bring ?

1. ur baby / kids best outfit/ costume
2. your very own best outfit ( mommys contest )
3. your spouse's best outfit ( daddys )
4. one red outfit for ur whole family ( dinner )
5. swimming outfits ( if u want to swim of course )

6. thumb drive or hard disk to copy the photography pics
7. ur baby's/kids fave toys...banyak2 pn bagus


your best smile!!!!!

what to expect?

a weekend packed with laughter and sweet memories!

email me at or call me 0127021371


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

me probably not going...papa harriz kene gi outstation sumwhere in Jan..u guys have fun!!!

senioritasara said... sedih...bila la rafiq n harriz nak playdate together!klo boleh dtg tau

Mrs. Amie said...

Ok, i agreed.. but I nak 1 bilik...yeeehaaa..Sara, update list sape yg dah confirm pegi...

senioritasara said...

amie...yeayy!!!!!ok dear..will update

Raisah @ echah said...

bestnyer.... tp sayang mcm payah nk ikut Rayyan kecik sgt lg... ;(

ezan said...

bestnya... nak join boleh.. hehehe... tp agak malu sebab xpernah join u guys sebelum ni.. :P

senioritasara said...

echah : rayyan kecik xpe...mama2 ramai nak tlg jaga sbb geram dh lama xpgg baby kecik...jomleee

ezan : jomleeeeeeeeeeee...jgnla malu.ramai pn xpernah jmpa satu sama lain!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

haa i baru nak cakap.. babe, nnt confirmkan room sape yg gi okeh? :D

senioritasara said...

anita : ok mummy dear

Lina said...

2 thumbs up for another great activity! tp sorry mommie.. will not be able to join la.. will be terribly busy settling the new home.. tp xpe, nnt kita arrange lunch dates lg eh... sowwy!

eliz said...

Eeeeeiii...bestnyer..n d room is so cheap.Wish I was married & have my own baby. :) smpai bile je u kat kl babe?

Ada Ayrissa said...

frustnya x dpt join...
sarah, nex time wat lg heh?

mama_syarith said...

hi sara....
really sorry xdpt join.wt lg la tuk nxt nyer tau..ada rezeki sure aku join..

nurulhaza said...

bestnye..klula my baby dah besar..but he's only nak masuk 2 months at that pnh stay sana for kursus induksi for 2 weeks..tmptnye sgt best la!bilik selesa!

[-suziey-] said...

ouh me also organizing blogger's famili day :)

senioritasara said...

ayuni : day u will...amin

lina : its ok...i worries...will see u nnti ok

ada : xpe,,kena jaga kesihatan mummy dah sarat eheee

ani : baik! mesti kena ikut nnti

nurul : tulah...lain kali kena join...tgu baby besar sikir

suziey : i know...dah rsvp.insyaAllah i join ok