Saturday, October 9, 2010

i see a baby.....

at 17 months rafiq still points to himself as baby
if i say ..." rafiq, can i have a baby girl plz?"
he'll shake his head and point to himself while saying ""
i think it means na na na nak..( tak nak ), im the only baby
zatty said, as long as rafiq's the baby we'll never get pregnant
so i need to start calling him abang...
abang? hehehehehehehehe

nak ke tak?
nak ke tak?
nak pg holiday
tp nak baby girl...
nak holiday 
tp nak girl
if book holiday package tiba2 pregnant?
by the time syg habis training......dah bln 7...if pregnant skrg, dah....almost 8 months nnti...

nak baby girl
tp nak holiday
nak baby

mandrem apa nih?

ngarut ngarut

in the mean time,
we'll settle for these newborn hehehehehhehee
owh and...
pics of rafiq making his first artwork debut

 my first stencil book....

 mama...i want the red one

 one snowman....

 cantik x?

 mcm pro kan?

dah siap daaaaaaaaaaaaa
ok laaaaa mama tlg outlinekan skali dgn baby
baby conteng je k


nabilah said...

mengandung jelah kak...rafiq dh besar..hehe

senioritasara said...

nabilah : cissssssssssssssss