Monday, October 4, 2010

its nice to be nice...right?

 have uve even been teased about how u looked? ur feelings? or anything else?

 just walk away and keep them so far from ur life,
trust me.....ur gonna feel so much better

 its not so hard to be nice...try it once a while
ull feel good about urself

 eventhough u think no one will know,
its the right thing to do.....

try to think if it happens to u

 people will love u more
most importantly, ull love yourself more

its not that hard afterall

 and we live happily ever after...
( sorry tgn budak kecik nak jgk baca )

taken from rafiq's "help me be good" series
just a reminder to myself and everyone....
afterall, all these young generations of ours starts from us....



Elyn said...


Lina said...

a good one! =)

LIP (^_^) said... this n3.sometimes wonder how certain people have guts to embarrassed others in public..

senioritasara said...

elyn : ur welcome.copy ya.bacakan kt wafiq encem

lina : thanks!

LIP : yeah...i need to remind myself too.thanks for stopping by