Sunday, October 3, 2010

betty crocker and............................

in a box la kan....
i am definitely a housewife with no baking talents
none wat so ever
but i try
some jadi...mostly....becomes a totally different kuih altogether

so Better Crocker helped...
my very own brownies
easy lah kan, add eggs, vegetable oil and water to the mixture
masuk dlm baking tin
thats all!

40 minutes later....
i added my own touch, chewaahhhh 
added some choc chips...
so bila cair..kt tgh2 tu byk melted choc chips.

the next day,
warm brownies and ice cream for tea!
what a nice combo....

expect more instant cakes from me yah!

c u soon

owh and btw,
lately...byk sgt buzzes on ym, smses and even emails...
some i sempat balas
some tu maybe xsempat
i just need to say one thing here and make everything clear

as ive said before,
i have forgave whatever or whoever purposely or accidentally tried to make me look bad and i no longer want to talk about this to anyone anymore
and i did keep my promise

whatever has happened is done
my life does not evolve around those ridiculous and immature actions 
i do not BLAME anyone who believed have hurt me and my beloved family or friends by any sort of beliefs or were hurt by anyone else by the same acts
we are humans, we want to trust
and we trust the people we love 

i am NOT the kind of person who keeps any grudges

i do forgive
even if u dont ask for it
but to ask me to be another BAD influence,


keep me out of this drama

pretty please..........




Drama Mama said...

wah wah...menark nih. kalau camni i pun nak start baking lah! hiks

Farah said...

sedappnyee..kek instant tu kalau i buat sah tak menjadi hahaha i lagi teruk bab baking2 ni ok.

senioritasara said...

kak bai : hehehehhe....sila, beli kt giant nilai

farah : bolehnye...masuk telor, air siap hahaha