Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 percent??????? not in the mood !
im tired.
my back hurts, my tummy's sore, my VJJ aches...
pg check baby's heart beat again - sangat lah laju...
the nurse said ur baby dah kebawah pn active..
watever...xde mood
coz before that i scanned my baby
half engaged...
can u believe that
apparently my baby yg xbesar tu is struggling to fit into my pelvis
thats y it hurts for me...
along with the mild contractions
doctor said...theres always 5 percent that during labour he will go through
5 percent?
5 percent?
what the %$#^%*
but usually ir happens. it rarely doesnt.still....5 freakin %???
klo x kena vacuum or for forcept or worse...c-section
although 85% pregnant mommies whom experience this dont go through c-sections in the end
dr aida kata, position baby sangat cantik..tgu masa je...
harap2 cepat dia masuk betul2 kt dlm tu xdelah awak sakit sangat..
xde mood...
bersyukurlah mereka with a big ass...huaaaaaaaaa

tahlah...maybe im just over paranoid. padahal the dr and hubby dearie confidant sangat ill be fine...sakit k bawah ni. for all this while being a strong mama..finally tadi i cried..

baby : tolonglah mama...cepatlah masuk dlm pelvis mama.mama xkisah mama sakit.yg penting jgnlah nnti baby yg sakit...susah nak keluar.arggghhh tidaaaakkk.stress!

mama and papa..


The Mrs-Bride said...

sarah.. jgn risau sgt.. sket jer lagi tu.. insyaAllah anytime now u'll go into labor.. baby sure dgr cakap mama dia kan? insyaAllah.. doa byk2.. :)

p.s. ur baby boy/girl? pastu.. u deliver mana nnt? take care ok..

senioritasara said...

hye anita : tgh sabar ni...huuuu...harap2 baby ni good BOY.hehehe....
i deliver kt miri...
hubby kerja sini.jauh dgn family.kena pgl org dtg jaga