Tuesday, April 7, 2009

love is never enough

and we thought what we had for each other was the best love of all. i was already on cloud 9. what else do i need? hes caring, loving, responsible..he does everything he can for me. then comes along this tiny person. who is barely recognizable at first. but this human being grew to be the greatest love form both of us has ever experienced. we just want to please you, love you, protect you and make you so happy. yesterday, we went grocery shopping, people were just crazy. some of them just dont notice other people's bumps. i had to squeeze my way through the screaming children and grumpy shoppers. somehow i had to keep my foetus from being stabbed by this guy who carrying a really long umbrella ok! apalah bawak payung masuk supermarket. my mind created an imaginary barrier between my belly and the strangers..seriously, i nearly slapped a kid who was trying to ram me with a trolley. hubby dearie terus turn off. "jom balik, xsuka lah tempat ni crowded sangat".
hai lah baby... we do love you that much. malam2 tido pon, hubby dearie's hand will always sit on my bulging tummy.eventhough i know baby rafiq mmg xcomfortable sebab papa's hands are much heavier than mama's, he loves it when the baby pokes him from inside. how he tells me he cant wait for the checkups. how he loves to see those those tiny hands waving and playing with his own foot inside there. how he keeps all those black n white blurry images of his junior in this special album..i am touched. i cant believe a man can love that much. i thought what he gave me was everything. although sometimes he said "the tit fairy does exist time orang pregnant kan?" ok...tu agak melampau..hahahha. well...no doubt i had to buy lots and lots of new lingerie..dah la the nice ones susah nak cari..hmmm anyway..thats all for now..
mama has to take a nap. penat cooking. see yah...

mama and papa


Jasmin Hassan said...

oh how sweet. hope my hubby will be like dat too... and i hope i get a junior of my own. NAK!

senioritasara said...

soon jas...soon...amin