Monday, April 6, 2009

tears and all

watched marley and me on DVD yesterday..i cried.i cried frantically in the end. husband dearie came back from work and laughed his heads off. "mama nangis for a dog" ...then gelak lagi.. sampai nak tido...ITS THE HORMONES OKAY!!! im not that sensitive..i wasnt..i am now.i even cried watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. masalah betul. i cried masa kaki cramp sebab kuat sangat shopping.i cried when i lost my diamond ring...( well yg tu logik la nangis )...i cried when hubby dearie left for work yesterday...haduh.this has to stop. i feel ridiculous all the time.hahhahaha. dahlah yesterday...i read all these birth stories online. malam i couldnt sleep. when i did, i had nightmares. biasalah...the same old mimpi going into labour. b4 this mimpi lisa and baby kena admit..well both of them dah im in my own dream. scary!!! and again...bangun rasa mcm nak nangis. tapi xjadi hehehehe. lately, i have this new habit. usually whatever i cook for lunch will be our dinner later. pretty easy bcoz hubby dearie mmg xkisah. semua dia makan. sangatlah best. oh well, lately...if dinner nampak balik lauk tghari tadi dah rasa xlalu makan. mcm moody. if i do eat, last2 hubby dearie yg habiskan. so...penat or not..( apa yg penatnye...bukan kerja pon hehehe ) i have to cook for lunch and dinner. hubby dearie balik from gym after work mesti ajak... " lets eat out, kesian mama nak masak ". this is not kl...the food out there sucks. xkan nak makan fine cuisine everyday kan..bak kata amie.."org kerja shell pon boleh bengkrap". thanks to this website hari2 ada je new ideas nak masak. yesterday, tried making laksa johor for the 1st time..sedaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp...xkisah lah tgk resepi org or not..but i managed. yeay..todays menu..sup ikan merah. sayur campur. this one xpayah tgk resepi pn xpe..theres nothing much left in the fridge. hubby dearie tgh on duty for 2 weeks. balik kerja dah petang. chance nak pg pasar. gotta start cooking now..see yah KICKING MUMMY'S RIBS!!ADOI!

mama and papa


Jasmin Hassan said...

huuu. senstive gle eh babe? =D and u yg i x pnh tgk nanges ok.

senioritasara said...

dats y...confuse okay