Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hmmm ni blom habis baca lagi...baru half way..hehhehee.hubby dearie pon baru a few pages..opss blom ready

bag : check, stem life pack : ready ( doc's gonna drain my cord blood right after baby dah kuar huuu ), feather pillow..khas untuk duduk hospital : check )

set lepas bersalin...mahal ok. xmasuk bengkung n tungku. but frens swear by it so ok...try lah..

arwah mum took this. senang bersalin. 3 frens pon amik mmg senang bersalin.cepat n xde masalah. i started from 6 months. hope it works.. please do!!

ready kah?i dont know if i am. i should be already 35 weeks.sometimes i just cant wait.looking at baby putra and baby qasih's pics....i want my own. but im nervous as hell. very! opppsss baby rafiq just hiccupped hihihi. this morning, standing in front of the mirror, i realized how much ive changed. im so round. although hubby dearie tells me im beautiful all the time, i just dont feel like it. for one, clothes dont look hot on me anymore, whenever i fancied those hormonal requests ( last 2 days tgh2 mlm nak mkn potato chips ) im know im helpless..i just want to laze around and sleep till baby rafiq is ready to say "hello mama".
the house is ready. hubby dearie just needs to bring the changing table in. then we're done. even the batteries have been charged for the baby monitor..ngeeee. ive bought all the stuff for the confinement period. the jamu and bengkung. bought tickets for the specially hired tukang urut+maid who's coming all the way from kelantan ( the one hubby dearie's paying on fortune on, DAMN! as if having one tiny person doesnt cost enough hehhe ) .
owh...hubby dearie still needs to learn how to cook those ugly tasting dishes untuk pantang. urrrrgghhhhh..mana tau i pop early. makcik maid will only be here on the 6th.
baby...mama's not done yet. mama still has a list of all the things mama wants to eat before i have to consume singgang ikan selar maybe ive to stop on good ol spicy food for breastfeeding. total...maybe a year plus. tidaaaakkkk!
- DIMSUM!!!!(still xdapat lagi..huaaaaa)
- Mcdonalds..( hubby dearie xbagi makan . nak jugakkkkk , last...please )
- seafood platter kt MFM ( ni sebab sue ckp dia makan, nak jugak.but i know i wont get it huu)
- chilli crab..oh dragon seafood...
- bounty ice cream
- obrian's sandwich ( confirm xdapat )
- jagung rebus..ehehe

btw..i luv salonplas.everyday kaki cramp.esp time bangun pagi and lepas diri lama masak.hubby dearie massages me every night tapi sama je. well, considering mlm2 tido with less clothes feels good on my thighs..tapi still cramp sikit2. kena recommend kat sue ni.

okay..gotta get back to doing house chores. see yah.

mama and papa


chesupetite said...

erm...selindah set tu 4 wat really???it helps during labour?do enlighten me...thx


senioritasara said...

hye dana.cuba carik description dia online.its a homeopathy remedy. supposedly untuk bagi baby sihat n senangkan time bersalin.ramai my frens n family mmg amik n proven elok.this is my first time try.harap2 it works hehehe...