Friday, April 24, 2009

19 more days...inducing labour?

tak sabarnyeee

i want to see ur face
i want to touch ur cute little fingers
i want to tap that cute bum
i want to gently massage ur tummy
i want to tickle ur toes
i want to sing to you all those songs ive been learning
i want to feed you, knowing you depend on me on everything
i want you...

19more days to my due date. its exciting,overwhelming....
me and hubby dearie are trying our best to cherish the moments we have alone.together.who knows when will we be having this privilege. 20 yrs? 30 ? every minute counts. although we tell our little one, come out soon...we're soooo looking forward to see u.

kak yatie told me one of the ways to induce labour naturally is by having sex. apparently the semen helps to cervix to thin and dialate. however, avoid if ur water already broke.. well...honestly, not in the mood for sex. hubby dearie said its wierd. especially when he knows his baby is already in a full term condition. we know he doesnt know whats going on. we just dont feel like it.

walking can also induce labour. setakat ni mmg rajin berjalan. tapi pinggang area dah sakit2 so...hehehhee...a bit limited.

drive on a bumpy road or try swinging. i love the swings. ptg ni ajak hubby dearie pg taman lah.

talk to ur baby constantly. i do this all the time. i started right after i found out i was pregnant..hihi

food believed to induce labour : raspberry tea leaf, EPO, spices (curry), some tropical fruits

a doctor can help to induce labour also. firstly by inserting prostaglandin-gel based packs into ur VJJ. another painful way is letting them scratch ur membranes inside the cervix ( adoi ).

banyaklah lagi...but its gonna try only swinging and talking. im gonna enjoy these last 19 days. lisa said ull miss being pregnant after ur baby is born. yelah...he sleeps all the time. uve had ur own BFF for 9 months who's always there.

me n hubby dearie kena keep on doing our breathing practices together..kelakar ok. nak tergelak. sometimes, my baby kicks non stop as if saying, im not ready yet. dont say push. hehehehe.

see you soon baby..

mama and papa

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