Friday, December 11, 2009


rafiq zulkarnain is officially 7 months old today!!!!!

rafiq can crawl properly now ( askar dah kurang )
rafiq can reach anything to support him to stand
rafiq can stand up straight
rafiq's learning to walk....
rafiq's learning to talk ( if u talk to him, he'll pout his lips trying to respond verbally )
rafiqs climbing stairs already!!!! bahaya ok!!!!!
Rafiq has ate brocolli, spinach, carrot, potato, rice, mango, banana, dates, raisins, honey, pumpkin, salmon and rusks....soon, he will be trying chicken.....
Rafiq is very attentive during his reading time ( sometimes tak jugak, but most of the times yes )


Rafiq's growing very fast....
 oh the tears

 ( my big hero and my small hero..yg pampers tebal eheheh )

p/s : blogger of our 3 week holiday in KL will be uploaded soon ok
broadband di rumah tokba Rafiq sgt slow

see u soon!!!!!



ezan said...

happy 7 month old rafiq.. macam2 dah pandai ni... good boy!

senioritasara said...

ezan : thanks mama ezan!!!!

Lina said...

happy 7 months old rafiq! beza 2 bulan je ngan aleesya ekk? i got the chance to cuddle rafiq the other day, he's so tiny but sgt lasak kan? nak panjat2 org.. adakah diaper tebal itu toujours? haha

wina said...

happy 7 months old rafiq!


Drama Mama said...

7 months already! rafiq is a biggg boyyyy dah. after this bole join papa dia main bola eh. hiks

Amalina Hanisah said...

7 months big smart boy rafiqqq! muaxx!

senioritasara said...

lina : yes beza 2 months je dgn aleesya!...sagt sgt sgt lasak.and yes...pampers tebal itu adalah toujours ngeeee

wina : thanks mommy

drama mama L betul....xlama lg main bola dgn papa

amal : yaaaaaaaaaa...mekacheeeehhh