Thursday, November 19, 2009

of cups and beach partay!!!!!

read rinies blog just now about potty training..
its true that its never too early to teach anything to ur child
though ive been very careful with introducing anything to my baby..i do want him to explore new things at an early age...with careful supervision of course

rafiqs growing at a very fast pase
last week he could only crawl if hes in desperate need to reach me ( read : klo dah nangis kuat, mama still kt dapur )
today, hes moving really fast ( either properly or crawling like a soldier ) ...
tau2 ke dah kat dapur..
last week he wud only stretch his head up really high so that he can spot me from inside the playpen,
3 days ago...i nearly faited seeing him standing in the playpen leaning outside observing the carpet below.
what if he fell??????????????
straightaway terus turunkan the upper level!
takut ok

budak ni kan?
nasib baik mama xheart attack ok!

if he calls me
which is mamamamammamamamaama and i tgh sibuk layan laptop ke kan..
tau2 je dah panjat my legs nak berdiri nak touch my laptop
i should never leave him alone anymore
mana tau dia capai the sofa, berdiri n then jatuh ke kebelakang kan?

n then if me n hubby dearie lepak2  baring depan tv, dia main sorang2...
dia panjat2 us nak pg to other side...
kaki kt muka i semua hadeh...

n dont get me started on the split level at our house
dia xtakut langsung...dia panjat suka2 hati
gotta keep him away from stairs now...merbahaya

i think its about time to get him a walker kot
at least if im cooking, dia xdelah menjerit duduk dlm playpen tu ( thats what im doing now )

back to the title about cups

so the other day ive been reading about how to introduce babies to using sippy cups
what i found is..the earliest is 4months...
start by putting just a little bit of milk ( formula or EBM ) then give it to them slowly
so that they get the idea of swallowing slowly instead of sucking
cari sippy cups yg mmg cater for babies at that age

ada jugak yg think that is not wise to change from bottles to sippy cups..
ajar je guna cups terus
coz its like moving from one habit to another
but then mmg rather messy la kan
imagine babies guna cups...kita suap slow2 pon mesti yg kuar lg byk dr yg masuk ehehehe

so yesterday, we went to buy better sippy cups for rafiq
he has one tapi nak carik yg ada tanda oz kat boleh la bagi him milk guna the cup kan
we bought one from tommy tippee...bought the one for 4mn +
bagi dia try 1st...
tadi buatkan his porridge + broccoli and carrots
letak air suam in the sippy cup
kelakar jugak at first
dia nak suck the teat tu..
kan keras sikit..
n then i tilted the sup a bit, tgk dah masuk sikit i kuarkan balik
he then telan air tu mcm biasa...
ada jugak pandang i muka pelik hahahha
n then he wanted to play with the cup..
so bagi jelah..
habisla my living room dia basahkan...
so after that kenalah mengemop plak!
nak try with milk..maybe next week kot.
bagi dia biasa dulu dgn plain water...
klo tak habis nnti tumpah semut satu rumah

lepas ni nnti nak try guna potty plak..
maybe when rafis 's 8 months old...
ajar satu2 dulu

for the ones yg i xdapat contact via sms...
i want to plan a huge family day for all of u and ur families
with lots of fun packed activities , prizes, gifts and photography

venue : most probably PD 
suggested date : 5,6th Dec
since ramai mommies dah fully booked on dec ( byk wedding kan school holidays ) i might be postponing the event to Jan or Feb..( jan i pon byk wed hahahaha tapi boleh di adjust )

right now mummy anita ( adzryls mommy ) tgh gather the database for all ur info
so senang nnti bila nak jalankan the event

so plz isi borang database n send to her ya eheeeee....

every single one of u are invited!
yg babies dah tak baby lagi pun invited ok!!!!
yg penting datang

the more the merrier
itll be so much fun!

plz email me at for any questions or suggestions

setakat ni suggested event :
  • BBQ

so anyway...plz let me know if u guys will be free on Jan ( might be postponing to Jan )

cant wait to see all of u!

ok...jom tgk pics rafiq yg semakin membesar sikit dan kuat aahhahahaha....


 from crawling to sitting down....


  aksi yg boleh buat mama sakit kepala


lagi heart attack

papa suka plak....


Lina said...

he's so smart! and ur lucky that u get to see his every move! =) sara, dgn walker pun heart-attack jugak, aleesya main kejar2 ngan i, i masuk kitchen, die pon nak masuk kitchen, i keluar kitchen, die pon nak keluar kitchen.. tp lambat, die dekat nak keluar kitchen, i dah masuk balik kitchen plak.. die teros nangis.. uwaa!

Cikpid said...

i bg cup tu air masak jek..sbb mmg tumpah abis n sgt messy kalo letak susu dlm tu sbb kene mop segala

Family Day kat PD tu sesiapa pon leh join eh?/i mcm nak..tapi malu...hahaha

senioritasara said...

lina : ye ke?hahahaha aleesya dah advance mode.thou lucky im sooooo penat!!!hahahahaha...

cikpid : tulah..klo air manis mmg la kena mop satu umah.of coz everyone invited!!!esp u ok.jgnla malu!!!!!!!join ok chayang!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

yes yes.. jgn malu, join jerr! jgn lupa gimme ur info okie? btw mommasarah, so far ada gak yg kasi their infos.. tp yg ala2 geng tak reply lg.. how? hehehe.. btw, looking fwd for the gath! i think end of january tu sgt sesuai!! i think better decide on the date first so that ppl can start blocking the date! yayy...

well, keep on reminding ppl pasal the so-called 'database' ok? i jrg update blog skang.. bz kt office! isk.. ok.. thanks momma!

kisses for lil'rafiq! :D

senioritasara said...

betul tu anita dear....jgn malu2...ehehehe...yg geng2 sume sbb dah ala2 tau details so lambat sikit ehehehehe...will be doing it soon.update la beb!miss u okeh.
cant wait either.will be checking our dates 1st.kami yg pkg jauh hahaha.then i will blog ok.
kisses for baby adzryl too.muah

Mrs. Amie said...

babe, potty train since newborn? i tk sanggup ok? lagi skrg qaira dah pandai gerak2, nak suruh duduk diam kat potty tue? jgn harap..haahaha.. but, perhaps bila dia dah pandai sket boleh kot..

I think i can help Anita untuk kumpulkan maklumat ibu2 nie.. is it ok Knit? so that lagi ramai org yg boleh join..kan? I suggest 30 & 31 january would be the best date la..hihii...

senioritasara said...

betul la amie...nak pakai baju punyelah susah.bergelut!anyway,....ur help is very most welcome.biar lg ramai yg dtg.i think that date pun cantik.!will discuss with hubby sayang

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

hehehe... amie babe, sila2.. post up kt ur blog gak.. nnt i update soh ppl email u or send msg to u if not to me.. then leh kumpul2.. okeh!? :)

sarah n amie, i pun so far agree ngan 30 & 31 tu.. sbb better set the date first.. sbb by hook or by crook, sume dah tau pasal date tu so they can book the date awal2.. kan kan? heeeeee.. excited gitu! :P

senioritasara said...

anita daer..noted!will be announcing the date soon ok!