Friday, April 3, 2009

penguins in africa!

gambar ni menipu! kipas cant heal me..

that describes dying.panas ok.even full blast air conditioning pun cant heal me. i know it comes with the pregnancy. but i cant stand it anymore. 24 hours rumah pasang air cond. bil bulan ni mesti melambung melampau. dahlah rate sesco mahal...huuuuuu. i even walk around the house and sleep in my underwear..ONLY! panas ok. malam2 ashrul sleeps with really thick comforter naked..
i know all of my pregnant frens are doing the same thing.
lagilah i cant wait for this baby to come out...mama sangat panas la sayang...

ok..nak makan ice cream.bye

mama and papa

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Mommy of Dani said...

hi sara.
sedap2 je panggil sara. boleh kan?
neways, the net tu comes together with a bath tub that i bought at mom's care (OU). tapi waktu dani mandi tu dia pakai bath tub lain so i transfer net to dkt bath tub yg lain tu.

u visit site bawah ni. this is the one la. but i bought it at mom's care (OU) slightly cheaper. :)