Thursday, April 2, 2009

beloved siblings for me..thanks mama..

baby putra

baby qaseh

kesian papa...last night mama couldnt sleep at all. she was waiting for the call , the call that said "hai everyone, baby telah selamat melahirkan putra pada....".mama was anxious, worried and excited sampai tak boleh tido. when i did, then i had really aweful nightmares...i was the one in labour. god im still not ready yet. no no no....please stay there for at least another 2 weeks...mama blum habis lagi enjoy my single time...boleh tidur anytime, go anywhere i please, makan everything...which reminds me...this weekend nak makan dim sum. ni semua kak yati punye pasal asyik sebut2 dia mengidam dim sum. n now i want it too....huaaaaa....anyway, tepat jam 5.50 am , my beloved fren, baby selamat melahirkan baby putra muhammad firdaus...according to her hubby...dia gagah dan handsome..i still dont know the details. will keep u updated. but i know she was induced into labour because she had stains yesterday..doc kata xnak tunggu anymore. cant wait to see his face... there's one brother for baby rafiq. last 2 weeks rafiq did indeed get a pretty sweet little qaseh nurbalkis. (bestnye ramai2 good frens pregnant sekali)..she was born on 18th of march weighing only 2.3 kg alahai chomelnye...shes doing fine cute n healthy not to mention keeping umi lisa awake every hour of the night... i love u guys..lis and baby. we promised to have this friendship hingga ke anak cucu...well anak dah proven more stage.. take care people..... nervously waiting for rafiq's turn...huuuuuu lepas ni sue ye... mama and papa


Kak Yang said...

Alahai, comelnya baby putra ... rindu nak mengandung lagiii ...hehehhe ...
lepas putra .. datang pula putri .
kesian mother putra kena induce ... sakit wow ..
i was induced 2 times .. before kena kerat .... zaazzs ... 4.25kg baby AMIN DANIAl ... my little one.
Take care . darling..

senioritasara said...

hehehehehhe...tulah.after turn.2 ppl in the mummy photoshoot dah lepas..takut ok..putra's mom kata dia tak sakit...sikit lucky...i cant wait to see baby rafiq's cute fingers.geraaaammmm...montel2 cam baby amin...hehehe