Tuesday, March 24, 2009

our new BFF - chapter uno

its been 8 months since i first saw the two red lines on the stick.meaning?its positive.im expecting.i was so excited. i started talking to my baby immediately on my way back from the clinic. well, it was really my vision of having to share the news with a complete stranger. but...nak buat mcmana..hubby went offshore for the first time.so i was alone.then zaida knew, my stepmom, my sisters, in laws, my frens...lastly...baru him. itu pon on the phone. he came back a week later with that special glow on his face.

people's first reaction to the news : waaaaa cepatnye...sangat produktif..
in laws : happy...of course they were.started to tell me what to eat and what not to do..(thanks a lot)
him : omigod...i nak jadi papa dah...hehehe
myself : speechless hahahahhaha

anyway..since then, the things that ive started doing were :
- susu anmum ( been forced to drink everyday ) : i couldnt stand the taste so he made me mix it with milo.
- lots of fruits because suddenly the sight of veggies make me puke.ahahaha...well i threw up on anything i ate
- follic acid pills
- bread..everyday
- i wanted to start drinking soya bean but that too pun yucks to my tongue
- reading a lot of baby books
- reading to my baby story books and playing him educational cd's and ayat quran
- baca surah maryam, lukman, yusoff and yassin bergilir2 everyday
- imagining how my baby will look like hehhehehee....
- looking at a lot of baby pics.esp baby suri...oh so cute
- i stopped cooking for a while. nak muntah n tak larat
- i became a baby myself...GOD!thanks sayang for putting up with me.

anyway...chapter dos coming soon.im too tired to write a lot now that he hates it when i lean forward.so i cant sit comfortablely..

see yah

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