Wednesday, March 25, 2009

our new BFF - chapter two

ill summarize among the interesting things that happened during these 8 months :
  • daddy has been going offshores every month so every time papa pergi, mama pun balik kl
  • i think we've ( i mean papa ) dah bayar almost 3000 plus to air asia ehehehhee...kesian papa
  • most of the time mama will be staying at ur grandmothers place in seri putra..
  • the first 4 months mama had a really hard time eating. i threw up on anything...tapi when im in kl suddenly selera makan mama melampau2..hehehehe
  • among the things mama rindu time kat miri was char kuey teow dgn ayam rempah, nandos, chilis, sushi ( kt brunei ada tapi suka jugak sushi king ), ikan bakar portugis kt mid valley ( sampai hati tempat tu tutup smpai skrg.damn!!!) , putu mayam ( pelik kan? ) , obrians sandwiches and lots of other stuff
  • mama had a blast buying baby clothes kat midvalley,ou,the curve,alamanda...macam2 lagi tempat.everytime i went out , either with my sisters, in laws or frens ( especially frens la ) tak lari 200 ringgit i spent on ur cute little things..( clothes,booties and mittens,toys ) hehehhehehe...papa said...amboi..kecik2 dah pakai branded items..tapi mama xkisah,im so excited.
  • mama xsuka bergaya dah.coz im starting to feel so heavy.mama rasa semua benda mama pakai looks so ugly on me...( sorry baby, i love u being inside me but i also think im fat and selekeh hehehhe) some say im glowing but naaaahhhhh....xpercaya okay!!
  • i sweat a lot..panas.rasa macam nak tidur naked all the time, btw i sleep a lot too...n then malam..xboleh tidur.thank god im not working
  • mama tiba 2 suka makan oranges ( only yg berjenama navel from new zealand )..suprisingly tak masam.sangat manis. kata org pregnant suka makan benda masam kan...well not me..hehe
  • 8 months being pregnant, papa banyak kali dapat durian runtuh. ada je ridiculous allowances dtg from shell...this is what we call rezeki papa cant blame mama sebab max out my credit card.untuk anak dia jugak kan..hehehhehehe
  • mama and my frens ( auntie baby, auntie lisa and auntie sue ) did our very own maternity photography at avicenna studio, bangi - thanks to uncle fairuz and uncle hatta..after that mama and papa buat photoshoot lovey dovey pulak at the same place...those were among the best times...
  • auntie lisa already gave birth to baby qaseh nurbalkis at hukm,cheras on 18th of march...skrg baby qaseh dah 7 days old..lepas ni auntie baby pulak lahirkan baby putra...anytime now..along wit kak yati.pun tunggu masa nak pop je
  • opssss...mama had 11 pregnant close friends ( baby,lisa-dah bersalin,sue,ziera,farhana,masyitah,fieza ridzuan,amy-dah bersalin also,madiha, amal and kak yati) RAMAI KAN? has been really fun sharing the moments with them. seronoknye if lepas ni boleh buat a photoshoot with them and their babies...owh..mesti kecoh.cant imagine.
  • to date, im 33 weeks pregnant. im already freaking out.although i know ur healthy and very active in mama's womb, im still scared.i dont know what to expect.anything can happen at this time. papa baca quran everyday..mama pun sama.but somehow..i cant shake the fear off.mama and papa selalu doakan our baby will be born sempurna, sihat, cantik dan bijak.aminnnn....
those were among the things yang mama experienced throughout these 33 weeks.mama and papa still tak habis lagi kemas ur nursery.and we still go out buying ur stuff everyday.yes...mama and papa mmg used to be me alone, then berjangkit to papa, then now...its a collaboration.i hope u grow up to be a wise spender....



afif said...

she's bored... haha! ive been wanting to suggest a blogging hobby... i knew its gonna happen.. lol

senioritasara said...

hua hua hua...of course.boredom to the max