Sunday, March 29, 2009

jasmin's wedding bells..

just yesterday i read jas's new blog which she made specifically for her wedding..bestnyeeee...i miss arranging everything for my wedding.memang penat..and sometimes menyakitkan hati when what we want tu xboleh nak dapat. almost everything yang cantik tu sooo expensive. iplus m just so happy for her. plus i know she'll look absolutely gorgeous in anything...but cross my fingers she will be making that maya karin oh so stunning dress...sangat cantik!!!doa2 lah my baby is fine with travelling.cant wait to go to manjung...,jmpa all the frens...looking forward to it.


Jasmin Hassan said...

my mum says she looks pregnant in this.

senioritasara said...

ooo yeh...ala....xpelah..anyhow..u pakai apa pon cantik.