Monday, March 30, 2009

i cant stop!!!

ok.i cant stop.well, cant go home empty handed kan? apa yg i beli? heeee....toilettries and clothes for labour. untuk hubby pun ada. i know...melampau. tapi i must have those oils to keep me calm. cant help it. tangan gatal2 kena beli. and i also bought something online...ngeeee....melampau again yes!!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog make me want to cry. not because i am sad, it is because l am too happy .. in all ways... having you and Rafiq is the most hapiest thing that happen to our family. Take good care of our little rafiq and mommy must take more care.
Keep on shooping until papa drops because there will be more and mored no ending shooping hehehehe. Kak yang

senioritasara said...

kak yang...hehhehee...miss everyone at bored obviously.hahha.nways thanx for the ya