Saturday, January 5, 2013

surprise getaway, BALI

kidnapped , boarded the plane to BALI

 hi-cut nike sneakers penyelamat berjalan banyak :)

hubs rasa awkward sepanjang flight coz this lady was looking him, rupanya ... perasannnnn dia tido laaaa

sampai2 je checked in the JINENG VILLAS, SEMINYAK
murah, RM 480 per night (agoda price)
one whole villa, with private pool yg super besar, living room with own toilet, kitchen and dining area and a master bedroom with a jacuzzi and garden.

lapar, they had delivery menu's from 150 restaurants
siap dengan menu, call je 1/2 jam sampai food
we had northern indian cuisine..

next day, private butler served out breakfast in our dining area :)

tickets a bit pricey 55 USD per person
nasib baik rafiq still xpayah bayar :)

went to kintamani area... hired a private driver,
so nice to bring us sampai hujung the kampung and showed us rare places..
murah plak tu bg dia 30 ringgit only :)

jimbaran sunset seafood dinner

bye bye BALI
will definitely come again soon :)

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Siti Fatimah said...

bestnyer sarah i tgk picture2 u nie terasa nak gi bali lagi tau aduhh hai hihihihi