Sunday, July 18, 2010

me time............

mommy time = me time....
 a woman needs her me time...
mmmmm personally
i need it to keep my days exciting...
seronok layan anak 24 jam...
tp i need some activities that makes me go...dup dup dup dup...
and sweat!
kejar anak pon sweat yg lagi best!

what do i do for some me time??

work out babeh!

at tld dance studios

with the other frens and mommies

the classes i enrolled in are kickboxing, belly dancing, african dance, hip hop, raggae, cardio, towel body dance , sexy jazz ...
 ive tried yoga too
tp blum pg betul2 for yoga....

especially when ur going with ur other frens too
make it a weekly date
daddies babysit the babies we all workout
dapatla catch up borak2....

i need my tummy back!
yg ada line mcm fergie plz!

ok mommies!

c u soon

we're off for a short break hehehhe
nak mamam seafood


.small shoes. said...

that is definitely FUN!!!!

belly dance is the best! ive tried before and super tiring.. but gives u really nice abs! ;)


gud2. bagi badan fit kan? i t'bayang nk p spa suh urut satu badan 4jam. boleh? ahahaa