Thursday, January 28, 2010

family day updates!


updates on the PD family day event....

will be seeing u guys at glory beach resort's lobby at 1pm 

 event's itinerary  


1pm : meet up at the lobby ( giving out goodie bags, lucky draw, mingle )

2pm : check in ( plz prepare the total payment amount because kena byr dulu baru dpt kunci , in small change pun bagus...lg senang )

rest....have lunch... nak ramai2 pun ok

4pm : meet up at hotel lobby ( plz wear comfy attire )

start sukaneka at the beachside

( plz bring balls, floats, water guns or any beach toys ok )

best group wins a hamper!

6pm : freshen up, rest, solat

8pm : meet up at hotel's coffee house for dinner buffet
( dress to impress ya...will be awarding hot mummy, daddy n babies! )

1030 pm : end


 8-10am : breakfast buffet

10am : mummy elina's briefing on alpha lipid ( best )

1030am : beach photography ( plz bring white attire for you and ur whole family )

12pm : end photography ( plz bring a DVD disc or preferably ur lappie to copy all the pics. senang and too many pics takut xmuat dlm thumbdrive or DVD. we will be having at least 2 byk sgt pics..)

checkout and say goodbyes...

nanti kita pose mcm ni ye ( pic source : google )







mommies who will be participating

1. me ( mummy sarah, papa ashrul, baby rafiq )
2. mummy anita, hubby, baby adzryl 
3. mummy amie, hubby, baby qaira
4. mummy zatty, hubby, baby rayna
5. mummy nana, hubby, baby saif
6. mummy steph, hubby, baby ryan
7. mummy ezan, hubby, baby sarah 
8. mummy ielya, hubby, baby isyraf
9. mummy fatin, hubby, baby emir
10. mummy suzan, hubby, baby putra
11. mummy b, hubby, afiq , alyah, baby adib

copied this from

Things You'll Need:
  • Strap on hat
  • Baby T-shirt
  • Warm change of clothes for baby 
  • Baby Powder
  • Dry Snacks
  • Toy bucket & Shovel
  • Beach Towels
  • Old bread or crackers to feed birds
  • Chemical Free titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sun block
  • Swim suit and swim diaper
  1. Step 1
The chemical free sun block is a much better choice for your little one. These types of sun block work by performing as an actual barrier between the skin and the sun. You can apply it right before you go in the sun and it will still be effective. You might feel like you cannot fully rub it into the skin but that's ok, that's how this type of sun block works.

Apply all over your baby and also your self.

  1. Step 2
Usually once their try and cannot get the hat off, they go on about their day and leave it alone.
Put on the swim suit, swim diaper, and t-shirt to protect your child's skin further and also to prepare them to go into the water. Also put on the hat to help keep the sun out of their eyes and to protect their head which can get sunburned as well. You will find the strap on the hat useful as your baby may try to remove it.
  1. Step 3
Let your little one feel the sand. Many babies might want to eat the sand and it can be hard for you not to let them touch it in hopes of preventing them from eating it. The best thing they can do to learn is touch and feel everything around them so try to let them. They might eat a little, it won't hurt them, and some babies have even been known to eat a lot of sand and it just comes right back out the other end. Let them feel it, crawl in it, make wet sand and let them play in it, get down and enjoy the sand with them.
  1. Step 4
You shouldn't plan more than a couple hours at the beach anyway, but you still might need to feed your little one a snack while you are there. If they eat from a jar of course it will be cleaner and easier. However, if they are feeding themselves it's a good idea to sit them down on a clean towel and feed them some dry snacks. You are at the beach, so inevitably sand will get everywhere, but you can eliminate a huge amount by not bringing anything wet to eat.
  1. Step 5
Anytime you need to get the sand off... during diaper changes, before eating, when you leave... this trick works great for the whole family. Rub baby powder or cornstarch onto your skin and the sand magically comes off.

see all of u in PD....



Blubewwy said...

bestnyer kalau dapat join! tapi ade plan lain.. huhuu...

senioritasara said...

yes...klo x boleh jumpa farell encem

Misbehave said...

haf fun mommies!!! *pom pom*


ARGHHHHH....Bestnyeeeeee!!!.. Menci tau i takleh join!!!...

Mrs. Amie said...

niceee!!!! can't waittt babe!

wina said...

owh..x sabar nk tgk gambar mommies with families posing macam sweet!

have fun yea!

CIK NANA said...

yea yea yea..
Na dah sihat sket.. and so does bb saif..
jumpa di sana di sana di saaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa... :)

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

c u thr!!!!!!!!!

Drama Mama said...

wahhh i tak sabar tunggu nak tengok updates with lotsa piccas~~

senioritasara said...

rina : thanks dear.u too..have a fun weekend in malacca
aira : next time ya...u ada nnti mesti lg meriah weeeeeee
Wina: thanks darling...u too ok!have fun in genting
Amie : c u there...weeeeeee
steph : u too darling!
nana : yeaaaayyyy termakbul doa.jumpa di sanaaaaaa
Baizurah : ok mummy!!!