Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the result is.....

Port Dickson!

since ramai yg vote for PD so PD it is...
i think its better since we have more time to mingle kan?

so mommies and babies

get ur swimming suits ready hahahaha

so anyway...
a few places which has been suggested

corus hotel
rate : 250 for weekend

bayu beach resort
rate : 250

 Eagle ranch ( cowboy concept with many activities kt situ )
rate : 88-170 depends on room

Casa Rachado Resort
rate : 150

Regency Hotel
rate :230 garden view, 260 seaview

 tiara beach resort ( ni sgt sesuai for kids )
rate : 250 ( 1 room ) , 360 ( 2 room suite )
sapa nak share boleh amik suite...lg murah

Costa rica hotel
rate : 200

i think Tiara beach resort is nice.the place is nice.kids friendly..
u can choose to have ur own apartment ( 1 room ) or if u dun mind sharing then u can have the 2 room suite

what do u guys think?
i want to make reservations soon...takut nnti full kan

watch out for new updates on the location, fee, activities and date!

ps : buzzing mommy anita!!!!plz contact me ehem !


Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

iyeeee.... sorry baru baca post ni! apa², buzz me lagi okeh? nnt i update with the 'mommas list'. ;)

Mrs. Amie said...

I suka Tiara.. tapi Eagle Ranch tue mmg best jugak sbb surroundings dia..! Yg lain, biasa2 jer..

Mea Myra said...

babe. u nk pegi bila? hehe im goin there as well on 31st .. insyaAllah.

senioritasara said...

anita : yes.will do dear...

amie : eagle ranch mmg lain dr yg lain.byk jgk benda best2 kt sana

myra : 30 n 31st jan!!!!jom join

zatty said...

i mana2 jeeeeee!

Sarah B. said...

this sounds fun Sarah!!!

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

ok darling,i think mmg tiara better utk smua family.mcm tour la plak.hehheheh.nnt update ttg kul brape smua p sana n jumpa mana n ect.

Amalina Hanisah said...

huwaa. again i cudnt make it! so sad :(
btw, eagle ranch value for money n ada mcm2 activities boleh buat kt sane...
tiara, nmpk macam grand! suke suke suke..

well im not goin anywayy... phbht.. :p

hav fun mommiessss!

senioritasara said...

zatty : yahooooo..i know babeh
sarah : yes it does!u shud def join!
steph : i think tiara best.thanks mommy!cant wait to see yah
amal : hallo!!!!jakarta 80 rgt tu burn jelah...jom pg!!!!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

eagle ranch tu slalu org wat tempat team building. rasanya wina pun gi situ utk team building dia. hikk. i x kisah mana2.. :)