Friday, October 23, 2009

upcoming 2009 babies event

yerps..u heard it people...
ill be having a lunch plus photoshoot gathering with my mommy fwens with 2009 babies
actually if nak kira i have 19 pregnant close fwens when i was also preggers
not including blogger mommas tau..

the original plan was to have a huge gathering with all of my frens
but since some of them are not staying in KL..i wont be that much of fun,
the plan then changed to a small lunch plus photoshoot ( harus to capture the moment )
dont worry mommies..the outdoor picnic cum photography will still be held sometime in Dec
so yg mana2 yg xdapat join, please keep urselves on that month free okay

thanks to all the mommies ( zatty and lyna ) yg very coorperative
siap tolong I cari tempat n call the owners n all
sayang u guys
wouldnt be able to pull off this event if it wasnt because of every single one of u
almaklumlah I kan jauh

Itenary for the event ( chewah !! )

Date : 1 Nov 2009 ( sunday )
Venue : Shah Alam

Meet up at Shah Alam Stadium ( to be confirmed via sms )

12:00 lunch at Qaseh ( place chose by mommy lyna, lurveeee it ) Sek 13, Shah Alam, mingling, pic taking ( mesti jugak )

1:00 exchanging gifts ( saja je nak memeriahkan event heee )

mommies - please bring one gift to be nnti kita buat cabut undi n pick who will get who's gift. ok? so..i think something yg suitable for boys and girls should be the best kan..

InsyaAllah I will be giving out goodie bags..sponsored by magicmagneticjr (my online store)
if not clothes it will definitely be something cute. everyone will be getting one

2:00 Leave for wow Studio - white room photography

samples of pic taken at wow studio with a huge number of us...

please click on wow to view other cool pics taken by hafizismail

3:00 Start Photoshoot

5:00 End Photoshoot

6:00 Say farewell... ( sedih pulak ) and kiss2

if u need to discuss anything about the time plz sms me ya...

so, jeng jeng jeng

presenting the mommies who will be taking part :

1. mommy sarah (me) & ashrul- mama rafiq

2. mommy zatty & edge - mommy rayna

3. mommy lina & hubby - mommy aleesya

4. mommy lea & hubby - mommy nia

5. mommy siti & hubby - mommy mia

6. mommy nana & hubby - mommy saif

7. mommy rinie & hubby - mommy dani

8. mommy farah & hubby - mommy farell

9. mommy baby suzan & ayie - mommy putra

10. mommy amal & megat - mommy zara

11. mommy ziera & mir - mommy rania

12. mommy madiha & fed - mommy firas

13. mommy syikin & hubby - mommy ayra

14 . mommy ana&hubby - mommy mustaqim

mommies who cant make it i promise there will be another outdoor picnic gathering in Dec

ok mommies, daddies and babies

pakai cun2 ya....casual k

cant wait to meet all of u n ur babies!

so now......semua sila berlatih pose!!!!yeayyyyy babies....1,2 smileeeeeeee

btw : momma sue is admitted and waiting to be operated...suspected appendix.wishing her all the best...


CIK NANA said...

nerves... ececeh. btw, Na x kenal pon mommy bloggers lain tue.. tp ok kan?? leh kenal2... :) nerves lagi...

senioritasara said...

na....jgnla gitu....zatty na kenal kan? heeeee..boleh kenal2 nnti merapatkan silaturrahim heeee

The Mrs-Bride said...

alahaiii.. no wonder laa i can sense something's wrong! i txt sue tadi tny dia nape senyap jer, i rasa cam ada x kena.. tuptup, dia x sihat rupanya.. hishh.. poor momma! dia admitted mana ekk? rasa nak tgk plak.. kesian dia.. :(

btw dear, jelessss! nk join tp.......... hmmm. 1st nov ni ahad kan? tatau nk ckp camne. apa2 pun, enjoy yourself mommies... have fun ya! :)

ienaadifisa said...

waaa jelesnya...
ish kalau ler ddk dekat2 sana harus dah nak pi jugak..
tapi apakan daya..

jauh benoooooorrrr....
will try to make in on dec...

ienaadifisa said...

waaa jelesnya...
ish kalau ler ddk dekat2 sana harus dah nak pi jugak..
tapi apakan daya..

jauh benoooooorrrr....
will try to make in on dec...

senioritasara said...

anita : i pun xsure...4 days ago dia bgtau.pastu dia senyap.lambat bls sms...i called her mom ckp dia tgh tgu lah kacau2 kan..doakan the best jelah..
anyway...u xleh join...hurmmmm mesti kena jumpa jugak...i have to meet bb adzryl

iena : yes....if dekat u xdtg i merajuk ehehehe....insyaAllah kita jumpa nnti ya

Lina said...

sara, my hubby x join kot.. he sgt shy-shy la.. still hv nothing to wear.. wonder if i can wear classic white for the photoshoot?

senioritasara said...

lina dearie : its ok.yg penting mommies n babies heeee...faham.if dia join pun lg best ngeeee....white?up to u..but it will be a white studio...keep that in mind.but then bwkla coloured stuff,,toys ke..jadi ceria nnti

Zezzatty said...


senioritasara said...

zatty : yes yes yes!!!

Zezzatty said...

latest update: wow studio confirmed!

Hafiz ismail sendiri yg ambil gamba.heh.

Amalina Hanisah said...

hye mommies!! so far we (hubby, zara n I) have no prob w the itinerary :)
hee.. tak saba nk susun our babies baring dalam bulatan mcm kt gmbr tu... and susun our babies ikut bulan lahir dari paling muda ke tua... heeee... comel2...


btw saya ade soalan!
yg exchange gift tu kn.. mksdnye sume bwk gifts la kn? for the babies kn, not the mommies? haha. better ade price limit ke cane.. *just a suggestion*

and how about the studio charge? how much per family? senang nak ready ongkosnya... :)

kasara, abg ashrul tak join eh?? musykil sbb abg ashrul kn suke posing.. heee. kidding! ;)

senioritasara said...

zatty : yeayyyyy...mekacheh mommy

amal : yes gud gud gud....studip RM 250/ dlm 2 jam..500 divide by 14 couples.nnti kira ya...abg ashrul join weh!!!!!!musti.lupa plak tulis

Farah said...

waaah ramai jugak mommies yg u dapat kumpulkan ni sara...bravo! insyaAllah next event nak join plak!

Elyn said...

wow besh nyer event ni!!! nape i tak tau ni?? sob sob

senioritasara said...

farah : tulah!!promise ya.....

elyn : i nak ajak u.tgh cari jalan nak contact u heeeee....

Elyn said...

sarah.... its ok no worries. this time i tak le joint. dh ade plan. next time jgn lupekan i yea!! nk jumpe u gak hehee

Zezzatty said...

*i runsing pk psal event ni smpai termimpi2*

lega dpt confirmation ngan hafiz.

btw,jawapan kepada puan amal..(hehe) tambah tolak bawak je la rm100 utk this photoshoot :D tp rasa xsmpai..let say la terover pose smpai 3hrs,still rm70++ -termasuk CD (rm20)

Cd boley dpt teros ;-)

sekian dr project manager xbertauliah.

Lina said...

in the process nak confirm booking tempat for 28pax kat bistro qaseh. they are serving nasi campur for lunch. byk sgt choices of malay food, ulam2 and sorts.. desserts pun ader like bubur kacang hijau, pulut hitam, etc. sedap!! nnt dah confirm the reservation, i'll let u know..

sara, fyi word verification i this time is : bracess.. hahahah!

senioritasara said...

ha ... tooo..nak jumpa u..nnti sms me ur no ok dear.

zatty : dunla xtido mlm.nnti xcun.mata lebam heeeee....mekacheh

lyna : thanks a lot....sayang u!!!!

wina said...

wow! this is so late i guess..huhu

can i join the club @ december sara??

oh yes...looking forward to c the outcome of the photoshoot :-)

senioritasara said...

wina dearie : yes of course u the way...i will be
confirming with everyone...if ada lg kosong will definitely invite u.nk jumpa baby kira!!!!!

Lina said...

babe, tauke qaseh dah bg thumbs up! so, everything's done.. tauke kata nasik campur menu nasik campur n lauk pauk okey..

senioritasara said...

lina : i owe u a lot!!!thanks a lot.cant wait to see u.

zZana said...

salam kenal sara:)
cool event dear,
nway..interested nk join ur baby club@dec gath,,hehehe still available ker?

muah..muahh for baby rafiq!