Friday, July 24, 2009

music+images = learning....

since rafiq dah makin pandai pay attention to the tv
me pon makin rajin carik all these educational clips on youtube..
seronok tgk semua clips yg watie letak in her blog
let me just say this again
i really love her blog...
sgt informative
nak beli new cd's all the time mmg boleh bengkrap
plus rafiq cepat bosan..
we have to rotate byk kali dlm seminggu tu
he can tell if he's watched the same cd the day before
mmg dia nangis pastu xnak tgk pon

by the way...
jumpa this clip in watie's blog
LOVE IT.....

eventhough dia xboleh pronounce lagi all the alphabets but i want him to be familiar with all the sounds
dah xde dah pasang radio dlm kete skrg semua abc's, nursery rhymes, 1,2,3 hahahhaa
mama n papa dah jadi otai in that field dah

esp this song...
klo rafiq nangis..both of us nyanyi
usually dia diam...

"i love you,you love me,
we're a happy family,
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
wont you say you love me too"

so now...instead of wasting energy, time and money on9 shopping...
baik buat research about all these stuff
lagi bagus...
suami pon takdelah geleng kepala..

by the way rafiq suka tgk ni bila me nk buat keje
nak masak ke
sidai kain ke
on9 ke
kemas2 ke...
khayal kot with the movements n the music

happy sharing

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